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Why Storage Sense Doesn't Categorized the files (music, photo, docs etc.) ?

Nirav Gheewala

New member
Mar 28, 2015
I formatted my SD Card ( 16 GB Class 10) into FAT32 and insert in the phone. When I transferred my Music files and Photos to SD Card, They all are showing as "Others" in Storage Sense...

I again formatted the SD Card from Phone itself... But the same issue happening again and again...

Please Guide me What to Do ????


Retired Ambassador
Sep 26, 2014
Welcome to Windows Central

How did you transfer it "just" copy and past from your pc to your phone?
Or did you use the http://www.windowsphone.com/nl-NL/how-to/wp8/windows-phone-app-for-desktop.(It is better to use this windows phone app for desktop to prevent the others problem)

Anyway if you transfer a lot of stuff your phone needs some time to "organized" the internal file system. So just let it be for a while and look tomorrow again. All the stuff will be categorized and is "gone" under others.

(If you use the desktop app the organizing in your phone will go faster)