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Why won't my Nokia WP stay connected to Windows 10 pc on Bluetooth?

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Nokia WP wont stay connected to windows 10 pc on bluetooth

Phone briefly says "connected", then changes to "paired" and that's it. PC shows "connected" for a while, but it's not!


New member
Dec 30, 2014
Re: Nokia WP wont stay connected to windows 10 pc on bluetooth

What are you trying to do over Bluetooth?

I could be wrong but it's probably the BT4.0LE disconnecting since it doesn't need to be connected at that moment. If you tried to do something like tether or transfer data it should theoretically reconnect itself.


New member
Oct 8, 2015
I'm having this issue also, since the upgrade to Win10. I also have a Nokia phone.
I used it to stream music from my phone to the pc in Win 8.1, but it now behaves like the OP issue.

It shows that it's paired, but does not connect to stream music. I can transfer files though.