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Will Microsoft remove pen support on the main screen of the Surface Laptop?


New member
Apr 1, 2017
I have been thinking a bit about what changes might be made to the Surface Laptop come the second generation and considered that they may remove inking support on the Main screen. This would pose several benefits such as a thinner screen portion, hopefully a lower cost and remove criticism on the practicality. Since the screen is unable to fold all the way round it makes it hard to be used as a touch screen 2 in 1 or anything else like MS other products.
I think a much more practical way to implement inking into that category of device would be to using inking on the trackpad. This would make it much easier to use as it could detect hovering and would be void of screen wobble. It would kind of be like having a mini always attached graphics tablet hidden in the trackpad. Obviously it would make using features of the Surface Pen like pressure sensitivity much easier since pressing down on the screen wouldn't move it.
If anyone else has any thoughts feel free to say.


Active member
Nov 16, 2012
This is an interesting question.

If i had to guess Dan's answer, i would say they will not take away pen support. I think the Surface line will always be linked with touch screen / pen / inking. It's one of the major goals of the product line.

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