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Will W10 Mobile give the basic PHONE functionality?

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I am still astonished how many people here as well as at the MS official feedback are complaining about stupidities like "the live tile is flipping instead of rotating" or "the tile has this and this colour" and no one is noticing missing basic functionality already since WP7 like SMS confirmations (I mean in a reasonable form), correcting phone number in dialer etc.

Are you guys still using your PHONE at least in 10% for calling? I am and I bought my PHONE from the mobile operator to use it as a PHONE!

I am on Lumia 925 with W10M 10512. The only reason I chose WP a few years back was its stability and speed compared to Android. But since Lumia 800 on WP7 I miss the above-mentioned BASIC functions (and a few more) and I am only always upgrading becasue I always think "MS cannot be this stupid to leave out these basic functions available already in the 90's mobiles in the next build". But this phrase still seems to be true WP7->WP8->WP8.1->W10M 166->W10M 512. How long will it take!?


Retired Moderator
Nov 12, 2012
How often do you really have to edit numbers as you're dialling them? Not sure what you mean by SMS confirmations - there's a ton of settings for these in the messaging settings screen.


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Apr 24, 2013
You would know your messages are sent through the time stamp and I think as subtle as that, yes wp has it.