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Sagnik Pal

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Aug 6, 2016
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So after giveaway of a lot of computers and mobile phones, and an modern desk, Windows Central is now giving away a large 'monitor' from Dell. It's called the Dell 43 Ultra HD 4k Multi Client Monitor | P4317Q.

Want to get in the giveaway? Follow this link.


So what's so special in this monitor, except for being huge? Well it's four monitors. You could work on four different outputs on the same time! So there are 4 different input methods and outputs are snapped to the four sides. This feature will usually be useful for people like computer programmers, techies, or just passionates, who might need to use more than one OS at a time. But don't worry, you can also view one output at a time.

Using a Compute Stick with it shouldn't make it feel like just a monitor. On this monitor, which who knows you might get it free from Windows Central, is going to give you a lot of space. You won't regret that windows can only be snapped to four corners of the screen. It has great little speakers for great gamers too.

Well, it got quite nice colourful screen, including great tech specs. Costing around $1350, here are some places you can look for it:
Dell - Product Page
Buy from Amazon
Buy form Ebay
Win from Windows central
Review at Cnet

You can read on the giveaway page about instructions to get the maximum entries.
Hope this helps. Do enter the competition and engage in a drastic battle for the new monitor!


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Jun 19, 2017
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that is a great monitor. in the image iy is seen a guy using the monitor to monitor stocks exchanges but it is also good for programming. when i write code i usually have many text editors open to check my data bases and some other useful info of the programs that i develop. so, this monitor is very good for professional uses.

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