Windows 10 ASUS UX305 unable to use internet but says internet access and wifi menu freezes, what could be causing the problem?

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Windows 10 ASUS UX305 unable to use internet but says "internet access" and wifi menu freezes

My current set up is an ASUS UX305 notebook with an ASUS monitor. I'm running the two at the same time using the extend option.

After 30 minutes or so of internet usage my internet will stop working. When I click on the wifi button at first it will allow me to but show me no options for connection and the square wifi button in the menu goes grey.

Then the whole thing freezes and I can't even open the wifi menu. Then when I click settings everything freezes too. I restart the notebook and repeat.

Throughout this whole period the computer says I have internet access - my wifi box is working fine and I can access wifi on my phone... Yet when I use neflix or the internet I get nothing.

I have tried
a) updating my drivers - they're all fine
b) the command prompt (it said it was unnecessary when I did it)

Nothing has fixed it.

Is there something else that could be causing the problem? Is it the dual monitor set up? Could it be a virus?

I would really appreciate your help !

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