Windows 10 AU Windows Update "Stuck"


Apr 29, 2015
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Hello everyone. I'm curious as to your experiences with the Windows 10 AU.

At first I went against my prior experience and did the "upgrade" of my current Windows 10 on my laptop. Previously I've always performed a "clean" install including formatting the hard drive. This time I went with the "update" and I immediately started having difficulties. When I would power on my laptop it would begin the start up process and then shut down/power off. The second time I'd press the power button it would start up normally, but I would always need to press it twice.

On my day off from work I thought, "Time to do a clean install." I formatted the hard drive and did a clean install. After that the laptop started up fine every time. However, when I ran 'Windows Update' it would freak out! It would display all these updates to my system and programs (e.g. - Windows Office 2007) and various drivers, but then they'd disappear and it would show, "Downloading updates" at 0% and it would stay that way for DAYS!

If there was a particular driver I knew needed updating I'd go into 'Device Manager' and right-click and have it check the internet and it would find the correct updated driver and immediately update it. For whatever reason, Windows Update seems to be "stuck". It would show the various updates to my Windows Office 2007, they'd quickly disappear and it would be stuck at downloading 0% forever. I'd go to the Windows Download Center and download the most current service packs and such and have no problems.

I used the Windows Update trouble-shooter and re-set the Windows Update program numerous times to no avail. I Googled this problem and did every scenario that I could find including the MSDOS versions and going in and manually deleting the "stuck" update folders and such, but I'd always end up having Windows Update show all the available updates and then they'd quickly disappear and it would get stuck at "Downloading 0%".

I'm baffled. I've done every possible "fix" I could find via Google, and I've let it run all day and night and it stays at "Updates Available - 0% downloaded". There's no chance of a virus or any other malware as I completely formatted the hard drive and did a clean install. Do any of you computer gurus have ANY idea as to why my computer continues to show that there ARE updates available but when it's downloading them it stays stuck at 0%? Is it possible that there is actually something wrong with Windows Update after the Anniversary Update? Thank you in advance for your thoughts, experiences and suggestions. :smile:

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