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windows 10 phone - stuck on lightening bolt and small gear


WPCentral Question

Windows 10 crashed my new Lumia 640 xl. It worked for a few days, but then froze
during an update.

Using power + volume down button, then volume DOWN button, I get the big spinning gears and eventually an unhappy face.

Using power + volume down button, then volume UP button, I get the big lightening bold and stationary small gear.

Neither start-up works. The Windows Recovery software tool doesn't detect my phone. I took it to a Microsoft store, but when I admitted I had installed Windows 10, they said too bad ... it voided their own warranty.

I took it back to my phone service provider and did NOT mention Windows 10. They replaced the phone for me under warranty (valid within 14 days of purchase, up to 1 year).

Bottom line - Windows 10 crashed my new Lumia 640 xl.


New member
Jul 1, 2014
I had this same situation with my lumia 640 xl few days ago while updating to new build of WM 10 for this i restarted my mobile with lumia recovery open it dedects my mobile in ufi mode then downloads windows phone8.1 and installed .