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Windows 10 system recovery disk error, how can I fix it?

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Windows 10 system recovery disk error

Hi I am Raao
I have just upgraded to Windows 10 from windows 7 home edition, I have problem while creating system repair image disk. I have inserted a blank dvd but while the create image app is running it shows error message called Unspecified error, Can any one help me please. I am new here.
Thank you.


New member
Feb 15, 2014
Re: Windows 10 system recovery disk error

Hi Raao
welcome to the forums. With the unspecified error help the error code could help. DO you know what the code is?
When creating a recovery dis, what steps did you follow. I mean did you go through settings page to get it or did you use the media creation tool? The latter is the best way to create it. AFAIK the repair image is inbuilt when you finish the upgrade and you shouldn't have the necessity to create one .