Windows 10 - Taskbar has embedded ad i.e Text Support 1-800-348-7205


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Apr 19, 2018
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Need: Remove embedded ad from taskbar SOLVED!

The ad for a scam tech support service "Text Support 1-800-348-7205" appears on the taskbar, right bottom near Show Hidden Icon button.

Cursor hovering over it shows nothing. At a loss as to how its been added.

Internet search has been fruitless thus far.


User contacted me about a Ad appearing on their Windows 10 taskbar.

The Ad is for ScumBucket Tech 800-348-7205, I've changed the name to protect the guilty, but the phone # is theirs! Google it.

Thankfully in this case clicking on the Ad did nothing.

Turns out it was Toolbar!

Right click on the Taskbar brings up the menu above. Select Toolbars and you see a toolbar for ScumBucket Tech, simply uncheck it and it goes away.

You've only solved part of the problem because the source of the Ad Toolbar is still on the computer. To find it search using Explorer will do. In this case I searched from the root of the "C" drive for Scumbucket and found a folder buried deep in the drive.

It turned out that ScumBucket Tech had put a folder under C:\Users\Admin\OneDrive called ScumBucket Tech 800-348-7205 that proved to be empty but could have
contained malware!

Deleted ScumBucket Tech 800-348-7205 folder for good measure.

Mission accomplished!
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