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Windows 10 upgrade saying there's a problem,try again later, how can I fix this?

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windows 10 upgrade saying there's a problem,try again later

i have been trying to update for a long time now.but the final upgrade wit keeps on saying:There's a problem please try again later.I have windows 7(it's compatible to upgrade)and it's not a pirated version.Please help

Daitchie Ponthieux

New member
Aug 5, 2015
Re: windows 10 upgrade saying there's a problem,try again later

I havent even tried upgrading on my laptop yet because millions of people are trying to download the upgrade of windows 10...sometimes when lots of people are trying to upgrade at the same time, the servers can't handle them....and the upgrading is slow and takes hours and sometimes crucial drivers are missed because so many people are upgrading at the same time...you have a year to upgraded...I'm waiting to upgrade a tablet two computers and two phones....I'm waiting till the excitement dies down at least two months....I really excited about the upgrade....but I'm being smartly patient cause I want all the bugs worked out first....I have 0 tolerance for bugs and problems like that....lol it is better that way....good luck....