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Windows Attempting New Life at W10M?

Chazzy J

New member
Nov 23, 2016
First, I'm a big W10M fan. Absolutely loved the operating system, but could also see that Microsoft had just let it ride off into the sunset.

That said, I'm now a happy user of a Note8, but still miss my W10M from time to time.

Then I came across this today as I was browsing the Microsoft store. When I use to go under the "phones" section, I would see Microsoft advertising Samsung products along with some of their phones. Now when I click on it, I see this: EOL notification for Windows8.1, but then redirecting consumers to W10M platform instead. Isn't the W10M platform reaching EOL soon too?

Just thought it was funny that Microsoft is even making an attempt to point people to W10M when they themselves had said in not so many words that they're not really doing anything more with it:


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