Windows Phone 7.5 review


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Oct 31, 2011
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Windows Phone 7.5 certainly comes as a welcome change at a time when everyone is busy getting inspired by each other to an extent that they have started to look alike. Its integration of contacts and social networks is by far the most user-friendly innovation I have seen in any smartphone OS. However, there are many edges that need to be polished. For instance, no support for Direct Messages in Twitter in the people hub. There are no visible/audible notification if anyone mentioned me on Twitter or tagged me on Facebook. Also, it is unknown at this point of time whether third party developers can integrate their services to People hub or not. Sharing photos on Twitter directly from the camera app sends out a long SkyDrive link that looks tacky.

Having said that, this is just the first major update to Windows Phone 7.5, which would be considered a rookie when compared to iOS (five updates) and Android (four updates and one later this week). I would recommend Windows Phone 7.5 for its fool-proof user interface and social network integration with contacts. Yes, power users might like to wait a little while longer for the app story to develop, Windows Phone 7.5 has most features a normal user would want from a smartphone.


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Aug 25, 2011
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WP7 was a "rookie" that came up ready to hit in the big leagues, and the major update came in less than a year. Number of updates is a poor indicator of platform prowess or readiness. Heck, iOS, for instance, didn't have rudimentary multi-taking until iOS 4 in 2010, 3 years after iphone's introduction. Of course, a company that was charging $4.99 for each update, was invested in spreading out improvements. Also, check out the list of 2011's 5th-release features and note how many are already in WP's native and 1st-upgrade versions.

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