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Windows Phone 8.1 Audio Equalizer Support for Blutooth Devices

Anburaj Rajagopal

New member
Apr 19, 2014
Now i updated to WP 8.1
but this no Equalizer Support for Bluetooth headsets
i waited for WP 8.1 brings that one.
but Now there is no EQ Support for cordless Device.
and i Search the Store for Music Player With EQ Support but Still i didn't find that.
anyone know over ride this. Pls Help me.
when I Start to use the Windows Phone I Always Feel i am restricted. :unhappy:

Michael Adaniya

New member
Apr 19, 2013
The equalizer only ever worked with plugged in headphones for me. "You need to use headphones or speakers for these settings to work" is the message I got and even with my bluetooth earphones paired with it, it wouldn't work

Anburaj Rajagopal

New member
Apr 19, 2014
Thanks Michael,
i know that. but i connected to sony Xperia sp,and Samsung galaxy s4 Active.
My stereo Bluetooth Headset(SONY SBH52) Performance great.
but nokia lumia not Working well.
And There is no application with equalizer like jetaudio.
so i need to tune up the equalizer then we can get good Audio.
android support that one but still windows implement nothing.
compare to android may be 9 to 10 years on market but windows phone is very old
still they complete nothing. even android is open souce but windows not.
with money windows did nothing great for users need.compare to another os
i think lumia only a digital camera with sim support. worthless expensive device lumia

its all our fat Michael
Did you Know Any Music Player Application came with Equalizer support ? Suggest me
Once again thanks you so much for your quick Reply........

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