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Windows phone update error 80072f8f after recovery

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WPCentral Question

Hi, I use a nokia lumia 520. I recently downgraded it from windows 10(developers preview) to windows 8.1(cyan). Now every time I check for updates, it gives me the error 80072f8f and wouldn't let me download any updated or languages. P.S. I live in india & date is set right. Region is India (UTC+5.30). Language id English(India). Tried checking for updates using data connection and wifi. I think the phone got messed up during the during the downgrade.


New member
Aug 14, 2015
Windows Phone error 80072f8f after recovery
Make it in this sequence
1?) Backup your phone (setting > Backup > settings and apps)
2?) Update your phone
3?) :))

Matt Sanderson

New member
Nov 28, 2015
Did you have any luck resolving this? I am having the same issue. My date, time and timezone are all correct. I also had to recover my phone after a windows 10 update got stuck in a restart loop