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Zachary Boddy

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Aug 3, 2014
Good morning my fellow Windows Central members,
I just thought it imperative that I post a quick reminder that there exists a fantastic little website that is attempting to urge further development of applications for Windows 10 forward. This little site is called WishAppList. I ask all of you to sign up as quickly as possible and start voting on the applications that you want to come to Windows 10, and start contacting developers to get it done. This idea is great, as it's a unified place where people can vote on the applications that they desire, but it will only work with the full brunt of Windows 10 lovers and users behind it. It may be targeted a bit more heavily at Windows 10 Mobile, sure, but there's something for everyone here. If you want an application to be developed, redesigned for Windows 10, or simply updated more frequently and brought on par with counterparts from rival platforms, then help make it happen. If you don't see an application you desire, add it, and collect votes for it. Windows Central posted an article about this website absolutely ages ago, but it has, unfortunately, not been given any attention since. Please, tell anyone you know who's passionate about Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile to become a member of WishAppList.com. Thank you, and goodnight.
Zachary Boddy

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