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[WP 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Apps] My Purchases, Powered by Slice


Nov 26, 2012
Microsoft has just certified "My Purchases (Powered by Slice)" for Windows Phone 8.1, so now both the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps are available.

Slice.com is a cool service for online shoppers, they currently only have apps for iOS and Android, so I wrote apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

If you shop online, the app helps you stay organized: know what you bought, where you bought it, and when it will arrive without ever having to check your email.

Here's are some of its main features -

- Find Purchases by browsing by Merchant or Category.
- Graphs and Charts showing trends by Merchant or Category.
- Access a Merchant's "Return Policy" page and get its support phone number.
- Easily find an Order Number when contacting a Merchant.
- Quickly Search for a Receipt.
- Easily order the same item again.
- Find Deductions when it's tax time.
- Live Tile shows the last 5 Orders (Windows 8.1).
- 'My Purchases' is powered by Slice - for more information on the Slice service see https://www.slice.com/shopping_intro and https://www.slice.com/how_it_works

Here's the Windows Phone app:


And here's the Windows 8.1 app:


It's a Universal App, so thank you to those folks that purchased the ad free version for Windows 8.1 - as promised you get the full version on Windows Phone for free!

Now that I've released both apps, I'll continue to add features as fast as I can -

- Notifications: Get push notifications so you know when your package is set to hit your doorstep.
- Track Packages: Track all your in-transit orders on a single map - no logging into multiple retailer websites or searching for tracking numbers in emails. Our mobile apps will even send you push notifications when a package is on its way.
- Save Money: ever discovered that the price of what you bought yesterday has dropped today? 'My Purchases' will alert you when this happens and will help you get money back.
- Be Safe: app will alert you when anything you've bought is recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, helping you keep your family safe.
- Let me know what features you'd like - any ideas are cool and it will help me prioritize.

My original announcement for the Windows 8.1 app is here: http://forums.windowscentral.com/app-spotlight/344064-new-app-my-purchases-powered-slice.html, additional feedback on any of the apps is greatly appreciated.

For the developers out there, I wrote it using @MvvmCross and the PCL contains the models, services, and viewmodels, shared by both the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps - I'll blog about it soon.

I'd love for @Daniel_Rubino or any of the folks at wpcentral.com to try it out - you'll love it and a lot of folks in the community will enjoy it if you make it a featured app. I'll buy you lunch at Build. :)

Good Times!


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