WP7.5 & HID Bluetooth Connectivity Profile


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Oct 18, 2011
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The beauty of the WP7.5 and WP8.0 are there interaction with the most popular office suite anywhere, MS Office _____. There must be hundreds of millions of MS Office and to transfer contacts, emails, notes, tasks and calender info without losing fields or transferring an Excel spreadsheets without having to use Documents to Go, is a great thing.

So, I see this as a total business phone. Who in business wants to use ITunes where you cannot even transfer a .Doc, .XLS, or a .PDF file or running your entire life and business through the Google data farms.

Since this is a business phone, many using it will write longer documents, then "see you at the mall." It would be appropriate to have a Bluetooth HID Connectivity Profile on all these phones so that users can use Bluetooth Unfolding Keyboards, like my Think Outside The Box Stowaway keyboard.

I don't know if any systems people read this but get off your butts and get this HID profile into every WP phones. I used to try to pound some sense into the heads of the Amiga system engineers about getting a real office suite to made their computer viable for apps other than games and desktop video and they never listened. You have to give your market what they need and if you already have the Office link, take advantage of it and don't dwell on the Xbox games.

I looked on Phone Scoop and it seems like the HID is hit or miss. It may be a reason why I buy a Motorola Droid Bionic or the new Samsung Nexus if it has HID (the Bionic does). I'm willing to take the leap to WP but only if I can use my keyboard.


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