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Nov 5, 2011
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WPTracker (Windows Phone Tracker) is your one-stop destination for Windows Phone device specs. Specifications include battery and screen types, amount of RAM, release date, maximum OS version supported and much more! You can sort devices by Manufacturer and soon Carrier and Region of availability! Also included in WPTracker is a list of all Windows Phone OS updates with detailed change logs!

Data in this application is stored in a Windows Azure SQL Database. This allows data to be added or corrected quickly without the need to update the application.

Despite our effort to provide complete and accurate specifications, there is always the possibility of a mistake. If you see any wrong or incomplete data, please let us know.

Version 2.0 Changes

  • Complete rewrite of application
  • New ?OS Versions? hub
  • New ?All Devices? hub
  • New manufacturer view
  • Application data is stored in online database
  • Data can be added, deleted or updated/corrected without the need to update the application
Upcoming features

  • Push notifications when data is added, deleted or updated/corrected
  • Ability to sort phones via carrier and region(s) of availability
  • Support for Liquid Daffodil's Unification?
  • Support for Windows Phone 7.x devices
  • Images of devices
  • Ability to compare devices side-by-side
  • Live tiles with the latest changes to the database
  • Ability to suggest content changes from within the app
For more detailed information about WPTracker visit Adkins Software Development - Windows Phone Store app link

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