Xbox hasn't 'given up' on the console war — they already stopped taking part

May 7, 2023
"Play the games you want..." unless you want Earth Defense Force, which used to be on Xbox 360 but no longer gets ported to spite of being ported to literally every other platform. We all know Sony has their hand up Squaresoft's ass, but what's going on with D3Publisher/Namco??? Porting is easier than it's ever been and physical releases aren't even required, so what's it going to take to get EDF games back on Xbox?


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Sep 28, 2013
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I enjoy interviews like that because the reaction tells me who I should bother subbing to or paying attention to. Yong Yea (however you spell it) chose to go with the moronic take (which requires obviously going well out of context) and he lost a longtime fan. He was never perfect, but its like he chose to undo what he earned with that Jason S discussion.

I dont REALLY care about the xbox console - I wouldn't care one bit if MS cancelled it went ALL IN on Windows gaming, but anyone reading it thinking they dont care about making great games when they are going to have new Forza, SF and now likely HB2 out starting immediately after the summer (and plenty of games in the works elsewhere) is someone that is either WANTING to believe that or just someone very out of touch with reality in general.

The worst you can say is that they do get games out and they do get good/great games out, they just dont do it as consistently as a first party really aught to. We shall see if the rest of the year proves to be the end or mostly the end of that. Good for them if so, but I aint cancelling my PC GP sub either way - half of my backlog of icons on the desktop, leering at me, are from GP.


Mar 20, 2015
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I agree with the article... But, and this is the but that is worrisome, the primary concern doesn't appear to be console sales imo but will people using Xbox services of any kind finally get some good food?

The problem right now is the perception surrounding xbox is one of a cheap buffet: You can go to one and eat a pretty decent variety of food but, even though some of the food can occasionally be really good, the buffet has no specific speciality or unique offering that sets it apart from anywhere else. There's no hook.

As a group everyone who bought in to xbox as a service wants to be reassured they'll get something that makes the investment seem worthwhile. They want to feel that the platform is special. Assassin's Creed on gamepass is not making anyone feel special, you can get that experience elsewhere. The price you pay to access Assassin's Creed sure is special though, totally agree and love what Gamepass does there. But if I don't use Gamepass or just want to take my hard earned money and buy a videogame outright I want to get something really cool and unique to my system of choice... Xbox isn't offering anywhere near frequently enough right now and has struggled to do so for many, many years. We're actively at the point where the platform is being passed over by beloved franchises. It feels like Xbox is a cheap service, not a home for my games that I can rely on. And that's the problem.

Until Xbox can resolve that the platform will continue to face scrutiny and an air of uncertainty will continue to hover over it

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