Xbox Indie titles you wish we had on the phone

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Jan 7, 2011
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Seeing as there's a small push to turn indie titles on the console into full fledged Live titles for the WP, I'd personally like to see these make the move over some how (PS: This is just a wishlist. no expectations):

- Breath of Death VII

High on the list of anyone who has played it I'm sure.

- Cthulhu Saves The World

As is its sequel

- Epic Dungeon (also called Cursed Loot)

A fantastic entry level rouge like

- Moon Cheese

And interesting arcade title. You have to keep a goblin floating above a crowd of minions for as long as possible

- Platypus

A port of a fairly fun old side-scrolling shooter. Was actually available on the PSX

- Ballistic

Great Geometry Wars clone

- Soul Caster 1&2

FANTASTIC tower defense style game. Loved both entries.

- TEC 3001

A pretty cool spin on the "run as far as you can" genre.

- The Tempura of the Dead

Cool 2D platformer in an NES style. Plus, Obama shooting zombies.

- Tobe's Vertical Adventure

Another cool 2D platformer. Lots of character.

- Udder Chaos

A neat time waster. Plays like an old 2D arcade shooter.

- Wizorb

A recently released Breakout clone in NES fashion. Super slick controls and gameplay. Enjoying it more than IonBallEX.

- Protect Me Knight

A cool four player title developed by the guy who composed the music for Streets of Rage. Plays like Gauntlet meets Tower Defense.

Anything else people have played on the Indie Arcade that they'd like to see ported to the phone in some fashion?

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