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Nov 3, 2012
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And like that.... it is gone

The info below I will leave on, just in case MS starts it up again and I am able to add again. So be aware, the details below are just a placeholder in case the program returns. No more requests will be done, sorry guys.

Hi all, I am in the preview for the Xbox One, and I am happy to add anyone, even if you don't own a Windows Phone/tablet/whatever. The only requirement is that you have an Xbox One.

However, I need you to make it easy for me and the others (listed below) that have offered to help you get into the preview. Also, I insist that you have a read of the FAQs.

There are two ways into the program. This is the first:

Send me, or one of the other gamers listed below, a message on Live, and I can add you. PLEASE DO NOT SEND VIA THE WEB, THEY DO NOT COME THROUGH RELIABLY. USE ONLY SMARTGLASS OR XBOX ONE. PLEASE DO NOT send a message to each of us, it wastes our time and slows everyone down. I will not add people if I notice that they have added others. If you add me/us, but don't send a message, we may not notice, and your invite will be delayed or may not happen at all. Invites can only be sent to a friend, so, I will need to have you in my list as a friend, and not just a follower. I'm eager to help, but not fond of entering 100 names by using the controller. Just let me, or one of the others, know you are coming from WC, just so we know you are genuine. My gamer tag is the same as my name here: peachy001

When we have done our bit I will send you a message on Live. It will say "done". From that point on it is up to Microsoft. If you get in, MS will send you a message on Xbox Live, usually within 5 days (can take a little longer though).They will send you the following message:

"Welcome to the Xbox Preview program! To register your console(s), open this message on your Xbox One, install the Xbox Preview Dashboard by selecting 'Launch app', and then 'Get it FREE' from the app details page."

That will let you know you are in and then it will take a short while (a further 2 or 3 days) for your console to pull down any available updates. Oh, and there is not a set limit on the number I can add. So all that request it, I will do, but please be patient, and be polite.

If you have friended me and then sent me a message, once in, you are free to unfriend me, I won't be offended. You can of course remain on my list, your choice. I encourage you to let us know once you get in so that we know who to take off our lists, you can of course ask to stay on if you are following us on a leaderboard. I do take people off my list if I don't communicate with them for months, particularly if they don't appear in any leaderboards for the games I play (Trials Fusion and Trials Evolution etc). If I take you off my friend's list, but you want back on, just ask.

Be aware, the update is a preview, and bugs are present. Caveat aside, I have not had many issues. The purpose is to provide feedback to MS that helps the service improve. I encourage you all to participate and provide feedback.

Be aware, MS may not accept everyone. If you don't get in at the first attempt, drop us another message on Live.

Eager to hear if you do get in, so let me know.

If you see comments to articles with people wanting invites, feel free to direct them to this post, myself and others are happy to help.

When I first started this thread I was going solo. Following E3 2015, for obvious reasons, things went manic. Since then, a few other community minded members that have offered to also add people. So, feel free to follow the instructions above with them also.

Gamertags of others that have offered to help:

The Korpcake
The Arab Mamba


Is there another way into the preview?
Yes. The most typical method is the one listed above. However, I came across something the other day that may also work, but likely won't be an option for most of you reading this. If you know someone else that is in, and you can actually get your profile on their console then there may is a cheeky way in. I noticed that after doing a ton of invites that when I logged into another profile on my Xbox it displayed an option to join the invite program in the main box (where it displays the current or most recent game). It read:
"Join the Xbox One Preview

Welcome! Once you join the preview program, you'll get access to new Xbox features, apps, games, and more.

Never seen it before, but when I clicked on the "Join", the message came up that stated: "You'll get a service message on your Xbox One soon with more info." Now I most certainly am not suggesting it is a dead cert, but it may be a backdoor in for those that have friends that are in, but they can't seem to get an invite. It may of course only apply to the Xbox already in. Just make sure your own Xbox is registered, then at least you have a chance.
Update.... It did work on two of the profiles I tried it upon on my Xbox.

Why do we need a message?
We want to help, but please remember the instructions are there to make it easy for us to help you. If you don't follow the instructions you may not get added. Personally, I have noted that quite a few neglect to send the message, which means I don't actually know you want me to do anything. Having a message gives us a very easy way of quickly replying (a la "Done" message). I am still amazed at how many people forget this bit. * As mentioned above, please ensure the message comes either via your Xbox One or Xbox One Smartglass (they tend to work better).

Why do you need to friend us?
It helps as a nice back-up to the one above. You can unfriend as soon as you get the invite. I am also not sure on the acceptance policy. So I try to cover this base.

If I don't get the "Done.." message do I need to send another message?
Not necessarily. When I invite people I do it in blocks, and get as many done as possible. I typically send the "Done" message when I have finished all my invites. There could be hours between me adding the invite and sending the message, depending how many I/we have to do. So please be patient. If I have not sent you a "Done" message after 48 hours, then that is the time I may need a nudge. If you have not sent me the message, I will not be adding the invite.

Should I ask each of the volunteers to send me an invite?
No, please don't, as it defeats the purpose of having several gamers that will invite people. The purpose of having several inviters is to relieve some of the pressure on me at peak times (E3 etc). It doesn't really increase your chances of getting in, but it may delay someone else. I notice that you have added one or more of the others, then I will delete the message and not do the invite. Of course, if you don't get in after I invite you can of course ask any of the others to assist, and/or ask me again.

I added you as a friend, got in, but now you have unfriended me, why?

I have to add people in order to invite them. As you can imagine, that makes my Friends list a little long, and a little unmanageable. If I have taken you off and you want back on, drop me a message. I tend to only remove people in order to make the Friends list shorter. I tend to keep those on that I speak to or that appear in my leaderboards as I like some healthy competition. It isn't personal, I genuinely forget who I have spoken to. I have actually started removing people more rapidly recently due to the size of my Friends list.

I added my gamertag to the thread, but no invite came.

I would advise against adding the gamertag to the thread. Stick to the instructions above, and you will get an invite. You can of course post your gamertag, it is entirely your choice. Others may add you from a message in the thread, but I don't add that way. I'm not being awkward, but the sheer volume I receive from this thread means that I can only do it via the message on Live.

If I have not heard anything from Microsoft, and it has been 7 days, can I request again?
Absolutely! The sole purpose of the thread is to allow enthusiastic gamers to get in on the previews. Not everybody gets in first time, some take a couple of attempts. However, Microsoft seemed to have improved things recently, and the acceptance rate seems higher. I'd give it a week though.

How many attempts will it take?

Most get in first time, some take a second. On a rare occasion it may take a third attempt. Only a small number of gamers have had more than 5 invites from me, and at least 5 are currently in double figures (the record is around 30. Took months to get him in).

Can I do anything to increase my chances?
I have no idea what the actual criteria is, but I would assume that certain things may help. My advice is to register your console, maintain a good reputation, avoid code of conduct violations and be involved in the forums on Also, I used to assume that me being in your friends list may help, so I used to actually have it as Step 2. Do any of those things increase your chances? I really don't know.

I see you play "whatever" game, can we game sometime?
I am not averse to gaming with anyone, and if ever you see me on a joinable game, feel free to hop in. Feel free to remind me where I know you from, I have done hundreds of invites and struggle to remember them all. I am actually pretty middle of the road at most games, so I can't add much to your team, but I enjoy gaming with friendly people. Be aware though that my kids play Xbox frequently, and if I walk in the room it signs me in. So don't feel hurt if I don't join your party, I may not see the message. I encourage any avid gamers to check out the gaming articles on here, and also check out the video reviews from Windows Central on their Youtube channel and also the streams that Paul Acevedo does. The streams are a good place to chat and see the games in action. Incidentally, the streams are also usually put on Youtube too, so that helps if you cannot make the actual stream time. The community of gamers is ever growing on Central and we are getting some great gaming articles from Paul, Jez, Rich, John, Dan et al.

I added you as a friend but there has been no "Done..." message.
Did you send me a message? If not then it is unlikely that you will get a message from me. Sometimes Live does not deliver the message, so if you have heard nothing from me within 48 hours, send me another.

I know others that want an invite, can they message you?

Yes. The offer really is available to anyone. They do not have to be Central users, but they MUST follow the instructions above.

Is this access to the Windows 10/Xbox dashboard that I saw at E3?
No.... at least not yet. I anticipate that preview members will get it early, but this is not some fast ring. Xbox previews are slower than the slow ring. They are highly stable and are in no way like the fast or slow builds that you may have used for either your PC/laptop or phone.

I have a question that is not covered above
You can either drop a message onto the thread, or try this:

One final point. Since putting this offer up, I have had a few messages offering me cheap FIFA points etc. If anyone sends these, I will report you. We are doing this to help those that want to get in on the previews. No spam "offers" please.

Viva la community.
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Dec 9, 2008
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Just sent you a request GT aN0th3r id10t

Not sure what's up with my profile on here. Signed in today and it renamed me. I've been a member since 2008 and now my username has changed. Lovely.


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Nov 3, 2012
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More like 3 floods! Just done yours. The hardest part is remembering which ones have been done, as the requests came at random times. I have done just over 30 so far.

My only concern is that MS may not add them all.... Hope there is no backlash! I tried to go down the list on the comments in the article and direct them here. Got sick of typing.... Especially as Jay has not added landscape mode in yet. I hate typing in portrait, my thumb aches like hell.


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Oct 2, 2014
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are there any more invites left in this? Have always been a big tester for MS products. I at least thought they would have picked me at random when I first heard about this, guess not.



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Nov 3, 2012
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One final thing, I don't know how many invites I can do, or even if MS grants every one. If you hear nothing for a few weeks, I am happy to add again. I assume MS has some criteria, for example Xbox Live conduct or tenure.

If you do get in, I would be happy to hear. Also, I have done around 40 so far, so I encourage you to spread the love too. Furthermore, I am happy to add anyone in the future, just send me a message. Please mention that you are from WPC, as I tend to delete messages or people if I don't know where they came from.

Happy gaming people.


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May 11, 2012
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Hi all, I am in the preview for live, and I am happy to add anyone.

However, I need you to make it easy for me. Send me a message on live, and I can add you. Invites can only be sent to a friend, so, I will need to have you in my list. I'm eager to help, but not fond of entering 100 names by using the controller.

Once I add you, MS will send you an email or message on Live, usually in a few days.

Once in, you are free to unfriend me, I won't be offended. You can of course remain on my list, your choice.

Be aware, the update is a preview, and bugs are present. Caveat aside, I have not had many issues.

Be aware, MS may not accept everyone.

Viva la community.

Sent you a message on xbox Live.


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Dec 20, 2013
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Hey peachy001, if you're still offering invites to the preview program I'd be ever so grateful for one! :) I'll pass on a message/request through xbox live!

alfa 23

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Dec 20, 2012
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hi peachy001, just pinged u an XBO message, if you would be kind enough to try inviting me to Preview, please..? thanks! Alfa23 [that's my GT, too!] :)

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