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YES you can use a Nokia Lumia 640 GoPhone on your paid AT&T account.

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YES you can use a Nokia Lumina 640 gophone on your paid at&t account

Yes it can be done pretty simple... Now I did it on a "gophone" from walmart (at&t) I had the sim card from my sons destroyed Iphone 5c
I got the Nokia lumina 640 (now microsoft) phone
before I powered it up I removed the sim card from the 640 it is Larger than the sim card from the Iphone but it's all in the plastic around the actual simcard
to make my sim card "larger" i took the sim card from the 640 and traced around it with a razor ex-acto knife onto.... you know the clear plastic containers from the grocery store that the blue berries / cherry tomatoes come in... thin clear plastic I cut it to the exact size of the 640sim card
and made special note of exactly where the contacts lined up on it compared to my smaller iphone sim card and with one small spot of super glue glued the back of my iphone card to the clear plastic i had cut out... slid it in the phone (tight fit) powered up the phone... it went into set up mode and works perfect with my regular at&t service this was for my 12yo who had been through 4 screens on his Iphone and numerous batteries... and he LOVES this phone it's windows based 8.1 but he updated to windows 10 already... he is a techie and is really impressed with this phone way better than his iphone5c he says... and for $79 i'm good to go... he says I should get them to replace the other 3 iphones in the house

Jack Neill

New member
Sep 30, 2013
Re: YES you can use a Nokia Lumina 640 gophone on your paid at&t account

You can also buy a SIM adapter on amazon for a couple bucks..