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    I have the Verizon TP2 and this is my first Windows Mobile device. Coming from Blackberrys I loved how you could always change your theme. I've been looking through various threads & posts & noticed everyones different home screens. I have Windows mobile 6.1 still and have seen the Manilla 2.5 ROM among others. My question is this.. Is it possible for me to use/install these ROMS on my phone since I'm still using 6.1. If it is possible I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get. I looked on XDA Developers website but like I said this is my first windows device so I dont understand most of what they're talking about in forums. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!:D:D:D
    12-29-2009 11:09 AM
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    That's easy enough all you need is to read through a few of the ROM threads. Lets see you are on Verizon so you will need a CDMA ROM best place to find those is at PPCGeeks here is a link to there CDMA TP2 Upgrades forum:


    Read through the install instructions on the ROM you like best and if you cant get your questions answered in that thread let me know. I will help if I can.
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    12-29-2009 11:26 AM
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    Thanks for the reply and the link to the other forum. not to sound dumb but im still a little confused on how to actually get the rom to my phone. i looked through the other forum you gave me the link to and i saw one i liked. its the 10th thread from the top and the title is somethin like Calkulin's visual kithcen.. i just want 2 make sure that when i do this i dont completely mess up my phone.. also do i need a program to install the roms to my computer or put them on the phone... thanks again for any info. !!
    12-30-2009 02:31 PM
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    No programs are needed and I would start with a completed ROM stay away from the ROM kitchens for a while till you get used to what you are seeing and doing. You will need to unlock your phone first all of the ROMs threads have a link to detailed instructions on how this is done. Here is a link to the unlock-er and instructions


    Once unlocked you are free to flash any of the ROMs available. I would recommend starting with a nice stable ROM like MightyMikes or Jucy's ROM if you want a little more flash and eye candy.

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    12-30-2009 03:59 PM
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    I followed the link to the unlocker.. Followed those instructions. When it was done and the phone rebooted itself it looked just like it did when i first got it. when it was rebooting the windows 6.1 screen came up and said something like "preparing for first use" so i thought i did it right. then i tried to use one of the roms you suggested from mighty mike and i cant get it to work.. i tried the WAR rom and i messed around for 4 hours and havent gotten any further. im super frustrated and cant figure out what im doing wrong. when i tried to install the WAR rom i had everything connected and when it acted like it was going to update with the new rom, it disconnected me from active sync and the process didnt go any further. please help with any and all information as i have become frustrated because i cant figure out what im doing wrong.

    thanks again and again for any help
    12-31-2009 12:40 AM
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    Still cant get it to work. tried the unlocker from the post.. paid like $20 for the unlocker that was posted by cmonex.. downloaded it.. unzipped.. connected my phone.. went to do the hard spl.. every time i try to do it a message pops up & says that the hard spl failed to run and to make sure my antivirus is turned off. I turned off antivirus and all the other stuff and it still wont work and keeps giving me the same message.. someone has to know how to help me.. ive spent at least 5 to 6 hours trying to figure out what the heck is wrong and have gotten nothing but more frustrated.. please email me at if you have an idea or something for me to try.. Thanks
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    01-01-2010 02:50 PM
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    I sent you an email if that doesn't answer some questions let me know
    01-02-2010 06:44 AM