09-26-2017 07:09 AM
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  1. RumoredNow's Avatar
    What is bbz?
    It is interwebz for Babe... I'm trying (and perhaps failing?) to be hip.

    Izzit cool bbz?
    09-12-2015 01:58 PM
  2. qbenguy's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I followed the instructions, and I think as a result all of my notes on OneNote have bee duplicated. This may be tied to something else, but in any event I'd like to reverse this process. Is it as simple as going into File Explorer, and deleting the new drive? Any and all comments would be appreciated.

    09-14-2015 12:59 PM
  3. Enzo Contini's Avatar
    I tried just now to follow your method but when I go to my OneDrive and I select Files I have in the URL bar: "https://onedrive.live.com/#" ... so no CID displayed (anymore) now ...
    I tried with both IE and Firefox but the result is the same (as expected).
    So, how can get my CID now???

    Thank you Enzo Contini
    09-18-2015 02:31 AM
  4. rhapdog's Avatar
    Looks as if Microsoft has reworked the web site where the CID will no longer show. I can't get it either. How to get it know? I have no idea. Perhaps someone will come up with something.
    09-18-2015 09:05 AM
  5. Joe Rodak's Avatar
    Is anyone having problems with this method after upgrading to 10586.29? I have two computers, neither of which will connect to my mapped OneDrive folder after upgrading. Not sure if it matters but I do have the authenticator app so I have to use a code every time I log in with a new device but I am using an app password because OneDrive doesn’t support app codes. It worked before on 10586. It’s telling me access is denied.capture.png
    12-09-2015 10:33 AM
  6. s5tricks's Avatar
    Thanks I need this. A great share
    12-11-2015 03:23 PM
  7. Shabby15's Avatar
    This happened to me. You need to go through your browser to OneDrive.com and click the checkbox that says remember my password on the site. Close the browser and reboot. You wont get this error after that.
    12-16-2015 05:14 PM
  8. RKelly6's Avatar
    After the Windows 10 update, I started to receive this very same error message and I had already mapped the OneDrive just as you did on each machine. As each PC updated with the new build, it refused to connect. I checked everything, the CID, the App password, I even tried multiple new App passwords and trying with and without two-step verification, to no avail. I even tried the "remember your password" suggested by another user on this thread for the OneDrive website, and yeah, that definitely didn't work either. I contacted a tech at Microsoft and they and their manager didn't even know you could map a drive like this. The lesson learned was that we need to call MS's Pro support (M-F, 8am-5pm EST) to see if anyone smarter can figure out what to do. That being said, anyone else figure this out yet? I'm strongly debated another cloud service that can support mapping. I found synchronizing files to be a waist of time, OneDrive really should just be a mapped drive to begin with...why they haven't gone that route yet is beyond me.

    QUICK UPDATE: For one of my PCs I was able to go to the START SEARCH Bar, run the system recovery and return to the previous build of Windows 10. I was able to use my mapped drive again! Sadly, I previously reset one of my other PCs (thinking that would also fix this build issue) and learned that it only resets with the current build. On this other PC there was no previous build option because a reset clean installs. So, anyone having this issue, if you haven't done a reset, simply rollback to a previous build in system recovery. Maybe the next build will correct this, who knows?
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    12-18-2015 07:02 PM
  9. dankscalibur's Avatar
    I hate to resurrect a thread that is older BUT it is also key to note that if you go to cloud side only for files storage after network mapping that uploading and syncing gets a little harder. I recommend Synctoy as it will systematically compare before uploading only changed files.
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    02-14-2016 05:00 PM
  10. Kevin House2's Avatar
    This thread and the mapping tip just saved my sanity.
    I'm still incredulous that MS removed the original placeholder method which I thought was great.

    But I also just saw the comment about no longer seeing the CID.
    I did it today (15/02/2016) by just right-clicking in explorer on one of my already synced Onedrive folders and then using the 'View Online' option.
    That gave me a URL containing the CID.
    hope that helps
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    02-15-2016 06:56 AM
  11. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Thanks, dankscalibur and Kevin House2...

    I think may of these "extras" will be getting changed around as WaaS unfolds.
    02-15-2016 04:41 PM
  12. Johnny Lucas's Avatar
    Yes, excellent & very clear instructions and more . . . . it actually works
    Much appreciated.
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    02-20-2016 06:29 AM
  13. 1olive's Avatar
    Wow..thanks for that..now that ive actually managed to get past welcomw screen (48hrs troubleshooting) once i managed to get online im gonna do this too..lov it..thnx
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    02-22-2016 06:52 PM
  14. David Chapman5's Avatar
    I have just waisted an hour wondering why I was getting the "Access Denied" message when trying to map a drive letter to my OneDrive account. The small login box prefilled my login name and prefixed it with "Microsoft Account". Delete those words from your login name and everyone is happy.
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    03-12-2016 01:12 AM
  15. Remedy111's Avatar
    this works!!


    been trying to get this working for over a year !!
    10-19-2016 02:06 PM
  16. rhapdog's Avatar
    I have just waisted an hour wondering why I was getting the "Access Denied" message when trying to map a drive letter to my OneDrive account. The small login box prefilled my login name and prefixed it with "Microsoft Account". Delete those words from your login name and everyone is happy.
    Thanks for that tip, David. I'll need to add that to the tutorial later today when I get the time. That's exactly what I just had to do. That's something that Windows 10 was not doing when I first did the tutorial.

    Just bought a new detachable laptop and am loving it, but with a 128GB SSD and 1TB of space on my OneDrive with more than 128GB used, I was definitely needing to set this up again. Hence my return from my long absence. I'll get this tutorial fixed sometime today.
    12-21-2016 05:54 AM
  17. Kakadoo's Avatar
    Nice one
    07-20-2017 12:37 AM
  18. Tropi67's Avatar
    Hi there,

    in general this manual works great, but in Windows 10 it keeps asking for username & password after every reboot, because Win 10 does add MicrosoftAccount\ before the email address automatically. Even though I'm deleting it and again save the credentials after next reboot it's back again.
    Did anybody solve this issue?

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    09-26-2017 07:09 AM
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