10-22-2017 10:58 AM
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  1. xrs22's Avatar
    Will check later.
    06-13-2017 11:27 PM
  2. M_A_Adams's Avatar
    Absolutely AWESOME!!!

    06-16-2017 09:04 AM
  3. plasmid_uk's Avatar
    I've read through this article and the reg edit sounds good. I have issues with WhatsApp resuming and switching between Facebook and Messenger takes an age. However, build 15213 has two key fixes for background tasks which we should pay attention to.

    We fixed a general issue where certain background tasks were being incorrectly starved under resource contention. This issue would impact music and video playback.

    Under low memory conditions, additional app launches will cause the OS to run out-of-memory and the device will restart unexpectedly to recover. This fix detects the condition and blocks app launches until memory is freed up.

    I'm going to wait until I have the above two fixes (which are only available in Fast Ring) before going ahead with this registry change.

    If anyone has this build can they comment on whether if this helps with memory management or resolved the issue without going through the registry edit?
    06-19-2017 06:14 AM
  4. mikosoft's Avatar

    I searched for a help on getting my background tasks stuck (Lumia 735) after a couple of days (was 7 days before I moved from Non-insider to Slow Ring, now it's 2-3 days). Stuck background tasks means any app that did something on the background (e.g. read data from Sensorcore and display a tile or Chronos updating the calendar tile) stopped updating and wouldn't restart until I rebooted the phone.

    Now I found this thread (thanks to the poster before me who mentions background tasks - thanks for that info, might be useful) and I installed Interop tools and set the page file to 1GB. First test show improvement in app switching and Edge doesn't reload heavy webpages anymore. I also tried rebooting the phone and it survived. I am hoping it could also solve the background tasks issue.

    Now some people here tried to give explanation to what this does. Some of you got it quite close but not quite right either. So let me give an educated response (yes, I did study operating systems basics in university).

    Let me start by saying that paging file is indeed related to RAM - it is in a sense an extension of RAM located in a file on a disk (in this case phone flash memory or whatever type that is). But it does not work as a direct extension of RAM, instead it works as rather a shelf where you temporarily store unused chunks of data from RAM. The whole virtual memory (that is RAM+pagefile) is divided into so called pages, chunks of certain size. In a very simplified example let's say a program wants to use 3/4 of the size of RAM. It gets it allocated fine. Now another program runs and wants to get 1/2 of the size of RAM. Now OS has to free up some RAM for the new program to fit in so it decides which existing pages it should free from the RAM (using some sort of decision process like oldest or least used) and then copies those pages from RAM to pagefile. It then allocates the freed up pages to the new program.

    Now what happens when the old program wants to access the pages that are not in RAM anymore? This condition is called page fault and it means the whole page swapping process will be performed by OS again - deciding which pages to put into pagefile, copy them and replace with pages stored in pagefile.

    Bear in mind this is heavily simplified but it's enough to understand the basics. So now some questions can be answered:

    1. What will increasing pagefile actually improve? - It will improve task switching as mentioned. More apps can have their data swapped to pagefile instead of having it completely thrown away when being terminated from suspended state.
    2. What will it NOT improve? - It will not improve app launches from closed app. If the phone was rebooted and an app is launched the pagefile size will not make any difference whatsoever. Same with app that was force closed (either it crashed or user closed it). The reason is there is nothing left of the app in RAM and by extension in pagefile so the whole app needs to be reloaded.
    3. Will it make app switching blazing fast on low memory phones? - No, it will make it somewhat faster but not instant. Remember that pagefile is still located in slower flash memory and any page faults still need to be retrieved from there. It still takes some time to perform page swapping.
    4. Does it make difference on devices with 2GB - 3GB - 4GB of RAM? - Yes, it does, the same applies as with any other device. But it will be much less noticeable because device with more RAM can hold more data in it and thus there will be much less page swapping needed.
    5. Does this eat my device internal memory? - I think I provided enough information on how pagefile works so you can work the answer out by yourselves :)

    Disclaimer: as mentioned already it is not an exhaustive and 100% accurate description of what exactly is going on in W10M memory manager. I am not a W10M developer and I don't know the exact workings of the OS. But the basic principles are still valid and the explanation should provide rough guide as to what to expect and what to not expect from this tweak.

    If you have any more questions I can answer shoot 'em. In the mean time I will be testing the background task issue to see if it can be resolved with this setting.
    06-19-2017 08:09 AM
  5. Rainar Angelo's Avatar
    The app looks different ... I just entered 1024 once instead of twice... Not sure if it's working or not. My phones wasn't really slow :p
    06-23-2017 07:56 AM
  6. Chayan Das's Avatar
    My device is Lumia 435, and I am unable to change the value from 256 256 to 1024 1024 or whatever I try from both Interop Store version and Legacy version. I made sure that Restore NDTKSvc is turned on, and I have the 2 expansions installed which are given by gustavem in XDA thread. But it seems I can not change anything, from this value to Default apps or whatever I try. Is there something I need to know about my troubleshooting?
    09-01-2017 11:54 AM
  7. Alex Walkr's Avatar
    Ok, whit my Blu win hd lte after one day of normal usage I call tell that the benefits are pretty noticiable, multitasking bng the most one. The apps take the same time to open at first but opening from the app switcher is much more fast (no more resuming on wsp) I don't use fb so don't know about it. The system apps look like the 8.1 days!!
    WOW I hope that stay this way. Now I able to multitask properly!

    Let's see how the battery manages, cause there is more room (768mb) to read/write all the time

    Edit: I did it with my wife's 735 too, and she's very happy! She uses fb, fb messenger and Instagram so I ask for her opinion's later
    Hey man, sorry about posting here this late but I really need yourhelp on this. I have got the Interop Tools installed on the Blu Win HD LTE but can't edit the registry files as it gives an 'access restricted' kind of message. Can you please be kind and let me know what were the extra settings/tweaks you applied along with just getting Interop Tools into the device.
    10-22-2017 10:58 AM
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