04-25-2017 08:42 AM
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  1. camaroz1985's Avatar
    I just came back to W10M after 6 months on iOS and Android. It just feels right to me and works best for me. I had been using Windows Phones since 2011, which probably is a large part of that. I intended to take a year to try other OS, but I missed W10M too much, and couldn't stay away.

    Through trying several devices for extended periods I was able to eliminate iOS from operating systems I would ever try again, and I know that if for at some point I wasn't able to use W10M any longer I would use Android, but for now and for the foreseeable future I will continue to use W10M.

    I documented my journey in this thread, http://forums.windowscentral.com/gen...s-devices.html
    03-22-2017 12:20 PM
  2. rlome's Avatar
    With me it's still that I don't even want/need to go away from Windows 10 Mobile :) The app gap is non-existent in my case. Recently I had a pleasure of helping a friend unpack and start-up a new android phone and every once in a while I thought how I'm glad to be on Windows.
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    03-22-2017 12:24 PM
  3. black ramm's Avatar
    Haven't left but every day MS gives me one reason after another to leave. I see and understand the vison for the entire platform. I just want to see them actually do it. At this point its put up or shut up. If mobile fails, move on and let someone who has the know how and follow through do it and stop wasting everyone's time and money with pie in the sky statements and turn around and say "Oh wait, that's "coming soon" I have been a fan for a long time and will continue to be a fan as long as there is innovation and boundaries being pushed...but if you are going to push fluff and vague time lines like a dangling carrot, I would prefer you to admit defeat and get back to what you do best and leave the mobile thing up to people who know what their doing.....IMHO
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    03-22-2017 12:26 PM
  4. Stefan Holder's Avatar
    Still on the Windows Phone train here.. I've since dabbled in Android for a few months when my L1320 bricked last year; and although it was refreshing to have access to a vast amount of apps for everything niche I can think of, i wasn't satisfied nor comfortable. I sold my Android and came back to Windows Phone. Its where I feel at home. I can't bring myself to give up Live Tile UI. Its the most innovative homescreen on any platform right now. All the apps I care about and use, are available on Windows phone so i'm good. I'm here till MS come out publicly and discontinues Windows phone. Till then, I aint going nowhere.
    03-22-2017 12:28 PM
  5. photobriangray's Avatar
    Ready when I can get the support from devs. Windows 10 on ARM will likely be the thing that does it as most app isses fall away with a real OS. Home automation, banking, smart wifi systems, etc., all better on Android. I want to be back in the loving arms of notifications at a glance, better integration, Cortana reading me text messages over bluetooth and all that lovely stuff.
    03-22-2017 12:30 PM
  6. gabytas's Avatar
    I would love to go back to WP.....as a matter of fact i kept my old 830 just for revisiting once in a while.....however there are two apps that i need for my daily work and both are not available on WP....bummer.....i would go back in a flash if these apps were available
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    03-22-2017 12:30 PM
  7. Richard Bouchard1's Avatar
    Build a Windows Phone that works on Verizon and I'll be back ! I presently have an IPhone 7 plus but I dislike the user interface and long for my live tiles and other user friendly features .
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    03-22-2017 12:31 PM
  8. nubbikins's Avatar
    I LOVED my Lumia phones and the windows mobile platform. The fluid nature of the OS really stuck with me and I miss it immensely.

    The lack of new phones really was what really spurred me into switching over to Android. I got that feeling of "If they don't care to make newer, more exciting phones, then why should I care to stay with them?" You can't buy a new phone if they don't make them. I don't want just another cheap phone, I want a premium feel to it. The two big reasons most people go with Android/iPhone are because of the "premium" feel or because "it just works". I kind of feel like MS has given up on mobile for now. The re-trench is pretty deep right now. That may change in the future once Win10 matures a little bit.

    The lack of some apps does get a little tiring in Windows Mobile but it's workable. Half of the apps you see in Android or iPhone are just encapsulated mobile sites anyways, not actual "apps". Easiest way to tell? Does it have push notifications? If no, then it's 99% likely to be just an encapsulated mobile site.

    I know that I can visit the mobile sites on Windows 10 Mobile, but half the time the mobile sites, that I use most often, wouldn't "work" correctly on Edge or on IE Mobile. For example, the mobile site for Citibank would constantly give me errors and not want to let me sign in on my Lumia 1520, but I could grab my friend's iPhone and go to the mobile site and voila, instant sign-in.

    The only thing that would ever bring me back would be the Surface Phone. They really need to come out with something that is an "ooooo...ahhhhhh! I can't live without that!", shiny object syndrome device in order to draw people into/back into the ecosystem. Probably one of the reasons the Surface line is doing as well as it is.
    03-22-2017 12:31 PM
  9. evillama's Avatar
    Advertising, free giveaways, heavy carrier pushes (and trained staff who promote it, not make fun of it), and corporate usage - all would help get the platform readopted.
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    03-22-2017 12:32 PM
  10. TheRealScottR's Avatar
    I haven't left Windows Phone yet, but the writing is on the wall. I'll likely jump ship next time I'm in the market for a phone. Here are things that would prevent me from jumping.

    1. Run Android apps on the phone.

    The app gap is never going to close. Just focus on running Android apps on the phone and forget about bringing developers over. You can't do it unless there is money in it for them, and with less than 1% market share it isn't going to happen. Not sure how you get over this hump. I'm not an app freak, but there are many apps that would make my life more convenient, and a few apps where I borrow an Android phone to actually get things done (DJI drone control, Google WiFi). Does this make business sense for MS? Not sure, but as a consumer I don't care.

    2. Improvements to Maps

    I theoretically like the new sharing favorites feature in Google Maps. I actually prefer Windows Maps, but they have stagnated in their development of that platform. Maps is a huge draw for me. The platform with the best maps functionality is going to sway me Biggly #TrumpVoice . Specifically, I want to create collections, have those collections be available on the PC and my phone, and be able to share those collections with others. As I was writing this, I noticed that they finally added collections to maps for mobile. Great! This will be super helpful.

    3. Fix Bluetooth and WiFi Connection Issues
    Not sure if this is a real problem, or if life is any better on other platforms, but my windows devices seem to have trouble connecting to bluetooth speakers consistently, and the Wifi is also inconsistent. Is this hardware or software? I don't know, but it sucks now.

    4. Improve Calendar and People Management
    People Management and Calendar Management. I like the way it's done in Windows Phone for the most part. Haven't been able to duplicate it in Google world. And this is a big deal. Managing the family calendar and all of our contacts is probably the most important feature. I want one family calendar and contact list, while keeping each individual family member access to emails and everrything else separate. Windows doesn't even do this very well, but I've figured out a workaround that fits my needs. If Windows continued to improve and made this easier, it would be a big factor.

    5. Groove Family Plan
    No family plan has me looking at switching platforms. I understand that I can probably access other music services on Windows Phone, but I like everything about Groove except no family plan. I just share one account as a workaround, so I'd actually pay extra to separate things, and not having this feature dumbfounds me. I also know Groove is available on other platforms, but I just like the way it functins on Windows better.

    6. Better Family Management and Sharing
    Seems like we are close with Windows phone, and not sure if other platforms are better, but this is huge for me.

    7. Better Photo Organization
    Photos are the other big thing. I hear raves about Google Photos. MS needs to keep up on this.

    I don't care about business functionality. I want my job to be in the background when I leave for the day. I understand this may be where windows is headed, and that is disappointing.
    03-22-2017 12:38 PM
  11. yehuda92's Avatar
    It comes down to one thing for me, commitment. Microsoft needs to fully commit to the phone, otherwise how can I be sure the $500+ phone I bought wont end up a paperweight in 3 months?
    I dont care about the app gap, all I want is Microsoft to actually seem like they care about the future of their devices.
    03-22-2017 12:42 PM
  12. infinitelurker's Avatar
    First off, I jumped from iOS to Windows Phone on Day 1 of the Samsung Focus. I'm a developer and a large part of my success is thanks to Microsoft and I was ready to pay it back a bit by supporting their system.

    I loved those Lumia's over the years and the overall design. Even bought that famed "unicorn" 1520.3 for way too much money because I didn't like AT&T bastardizing the 1520. I stayed put and loved it.

    Then, over the past 20 months or so, the writing was on the wall that they weren't fully supporting the platform. They weren't gonna outright kill it, but features kept being removed, and apps getting unpublished. So, last fall, I jumped back to iOS. Despite missing some of the features at first, once I learned the iOS way to do things for optimum efficiency, iOS is just way beyond Windows Phone in overall user experience and app quality. That pained me at first, but then the more I experienced iOS, I wish I had jumped earlier. Which makes me sad for Windows Phone too.

    Simply put, I'm not going back unless Microsoft is somehow able to build back a minimum of 10% market share that shows continuing growth (which would imply closing of the app gap).
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    03-22-2017 12:46 PM
  13. steve_w_7's Avatar
    I left a few years ago - mainly due to the exclusivity garbage. I grew tired of being a Windows Phone supporter, but not being able to get the flagship phones. I always felt like I was on the outside looking in. iPhone has turned out to be a delightful experience for me and at this point I could never see myself going back to Windows Mobile. I would miss too many of the apps that I have come to rely on.

    For me to come back, Microsoft would have to solve the app gap and produce a handset that is better than the iPhone. I just don't see that happening. To make matters worse, when it came time to upgrade my Surface, I went with an iPad and never looked back.

    Nice work, Microsoft!
    03-22-2017 12:47 PM
  14. N8tiveT3ch's Avatar
    I never left and I like my phone. I have a iPhone for work and it always like a chore to get anything done. I just like the UI better on my WP device. I would like to upgrade the device to one of the new devices but my 950 xl works fine for now.
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    03-22-2017 12:50 PM
  15. yaggs's Avatar
    I had been with WP since the beginning... the last WP I purchased was a Lumia 1520 (still the best built phone I have ever owned)... but I have moved onto Android on a Nexus 6P and have even switched back and forth a few times. Initially the apps weren't an issue.. I don't do banking on my phone... I don't fly often enough... I don't do chat apps, etc... I even like the way email, etc work better on Windows. The biggest issues for me were Android Pay, the back mounted finger print reader, and Google Play Music. Had a Groove pass since the Zune days (bought several years during the 50% off Christmas and Pi day sales) but since Groove doesn't offer any kind of family offering it makes it a nonstarter... for $15 on Play Music you get an addition 5 accounts... this works great for the family.

    But I L.O.V.E the windows phone start screen and live tiles... that's the hardest thing about Android... even though there are tons of launchers to choose from (even Arrow from MS is pretty good) none of them replicate the beauty and function of the WP start screen and live tiles... so much so that I had to write my own launcher to try to bring some of that functionality to Android. It will be out soon and you can test it right now if you want: RevoLauncher | The Android launcher for the Windows fan.

    If MS can get some momentum in the app store after AR/VR get going this year, and maybe with XBOX One / Scorpio in the mix they can get apps like YouTube, etc into the mix for UWP apps there might be some hope.

    If MS releases a cool folding surface phone that is a full computer count me in too... I will come running back. But they do need to get some devices flagships going and get some key app/platform things work and up to par (like mobile payments) to really be a player in this space. Part of me thinks that after a certain period of time users might get a little bored with iOS and Android and maybe then WP becomes more of a thing... maybe a true surface phone/tablet/pc/3in1 from the Surface team can generate some interest.
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    03-22-2017 12:51 PM
  16. Nitish_KSharma's Avatar
    I have been a Lumia user since beginning. I am just 23 and I had no phone in school. So the first phone I got was Nokia 5233 ( a Symbian) but then I quickly jumped to Windows Phone after it was launched with Lumia 710. Since then I alone have owned 2 720's, one 625 and now I am on 830 until (hopefully) Surface Phone takes shape. :) Meanwhile, in a small family of four and my girlfriend we all switched to Windows Phone/Mobile overtime. SO we have owned Lumia 730, 920, 1520 and now 650. In all this, we have tested waters on android and iOS as well. But kept coming back to Windows.

    I, personally, "can not" use other phone. Because I started with Windows, I feel I am in a very awkward position now. I am just too comfortable now. :/ Its a good and a bad thing. Bad because over the time it has become very tough to survive on a Windows specially if you are young in college in a lot where you feel complete outsider. Hell, I am in my final term of Masters and I have always used Windows, so personally this doesn't affect me but now it has become very tough. Another reason I feel it has become tough for me to stick on Windows Phone is because I came to Canada from India. :/ Smartphone market specially for Windows Phone sucks in Canada. The apps that you use in day-to-day life such as local news, transit, local restaurants, university apps and banking; they have zero presence on WM in Canada while this was not the case in India. All major banks, restaurant chains, railways had superior quality apps on Windows and it was easier to stick with Windows. It has become specially tougher now because even the ones which are on WM are leaving gradually.

    But I think I still can not switch. I am so much comfortable here that when I pick android and iPhones, I am like what the heck is this... I am not saying they are bad (although I very strongly feel so :P ) but its just tough to switch to them. The things that make me stick to WM are: i) I am completely in Microsoft's ecosystem. From Windows PC, Windows Mobile, Office and Office 365, OneDrive, Outlook and on top of that my university is also in Microsoft's ecosystem so it just becomes natural. ii) I know my way around in Windows Mobile. I know where everything is. I have grown up here. From Windows Phone 7 to Windows Mobile 10. I have seen every OS in modern Windows Phone OS. I actually used Windows Mobile 6.0/6.5 as well but I don't think that has anything to do with my love for this family. iii) I learned development on Windows Phone. I started developing apps for modern windows when I started learning coding. Microsoft was campaigning very aggressively in India among students at that time. iv) Hope for things to turn around. I know things have been tough and probably there is no point of staying as well but I do believe things will change soon. I am one of those fan-boys who are counting on Surface Phone or whatever that mystical device is called.

    Although, I am most hurt when I see that Microsoft's own apps have much higher quality on rival systems. I understand every logic in the book that they are a software company, they are this they are that... but it just hurts. :( Microsoft has to start changing that.
    03-22-2017 12:51 PM
  17. EBUK's Avatar
    I miss Windows Phone. WP8.1 was superb: fluid, responsive, so easy to use; it was clear that MS had put a lot of research into the interface. Pivots were a joy.

    And then WM10 arrived, and MS destroyed all that I loved about 8.1. Smooth animations with visual feedback replaced with Android-like clunky animations. Awful hamburger menu system introduced in a hopeless desire to attract developers / users from Android and iOS. Resuming... Resuming... Resuming... Unstable OS.

    I do miss Windows Phone, and there are times when I regret selling my Lumia 735.

    Android is maturing and improving with each upgrade; iOS, too, improves. Once my iPhone reaches end of life, I'll most likely return to Android. But I won't rule out a return to Windows Mobile. Never say never.
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    03-22-2017 12:53 PM
  18. faisalbaba's Avatar
    My first smartphone was lumia 520.Now using Lumia 730.now waiting for build 2017.

    Sent from mTalk
    03-22-2017 12:54 PM
  19. Cerif27's Avatar
    Yeah. I've thought about leaving because I loved my Microsoft Band 2 but it never really came together as a consistently functional device for me. I'm a little jealous of the Apple Watch...but it doesn't have a keyboard so I stuck with my Band 2. Love the camera on the pixel but just can't give up the UI and OS. Everything out there that's available seems so boring. I'm a punk at heart and though it seems about as insane as possible to say, W10 Mobile is about as far outside the mainstream as you can get and still have a fully functional phone. It might be the most punk of the three. If I ever left I know I would just come back anyway. Here's hoping the next phone that gets put out is worth sticking around for.

    To address the other notes: I play zero games on a phone and have honestly only missed one app through the years and that's the moviepass app. I'm a film teacher and my parents bought me a moviepass I had to return because it doesn't function without the app. I would have liked to have been able to use that. But eh. I like my phone and my phone's ecosystem and UI better.
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    03-22-2017 12:57 PM
  20. FirstWatt's Avatar
    Yeah, if only Microsoft would fully commit to deliver the best experience of their SW products (Office, OneNote, Skype, OneDrive, ...whatever..) with products running THEIR OS.
    While with Windows 10 for PC they seem to be close, for other platforms like smaller tablets (say 10" and smaller) and, to get to the topic, for Phones, they are not there. They show not much signs of commitment. Just to pick up one, OneNote: On Android, you can draw a scetch with your fingers, which for me it would be a cool thing to have sometimes. On W10M? Forget that. And the list is long, quite long.

    THAT is the thing which drives me away from W10M and may prevent from returning, even if there would be a cool device available.


    03-22-2017 12:59 PM
  21. remmo's Avatar
    I always considered myself immune to the app-gap issue... until I installed a security camera at home, and discovered that the camera needs its app in order to be configured/monitored. And guess what, there's no WP/W10M version of the app (not even for Windows 10 Desktop). So I had to put away my Lumia 950xl and get a Huawei P9.
    But at the end, it was a good move.
    The build quality of the P9 was amazing, compared to the plastic approach of the Lumia. Most MS apps and services (OneDrive, Office, Weather, News, etc) are available for Android. So, basically, the only thing I miss from W10M are the live-tiles.
    Basically, MS will not kill W10M, they will let it die slowly and painfully.
    03-22-2017 01:03 PM
  22. ananve's Avatar
    My answer will be short: I'm still at home 🏠.
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    03-22-2017 01:07 PM
  23. randomuser37's Avatar
    Yes, of course W10M can win me back. But... it would have to help me get laid as much as my iPhone. That means social/dating apps at the very least. I say that somewhat jokingly, but for those who say the "web site" is good enough, it's not. Getting a notification being able to respond in a timely manner is important these days. It helps take advantage of opportunities while they are available, and not when I finally receive the email several hours later.

    Also, my iPhone is very good piece of hardware that also looks good to me. A W10M device that wins me back will have to have the same qualities.
    03-22-2017 01:11 PM
  24. umovies's Avatar
    the app gap didnt bother me that much what made me switch was edge, on my 640 it just refreshes and crash, repeat; constantly all day long its unbearable, in on a Samsung now but miss my lumia its updating to latest build ( migrating data step 2 of 7)as we speak, it ms would fix it then id switch back that is take sim out of samsung and put it in lumia, wanted to go with a better windows phone but was shell shocked couldn't risk new phone doing same thing, so ill hold on to this android till windows get their stuff together, keeping lumia for wifi, I've gotten so used to it its seem strange working on an android phone. Lumia just finished will see if edge still crashes or not. build 10.0.15063.0 will post after checking it out.
    03-22-2017 01:11 PM
  25. final_fantasy781's Avatar
    I'm not one to leave a phone OS/platform/ecosystem for another one. I like Windows right now. The app gap only bothers me when other opinion-journalists spew nothing but bad things about the app gap, and most being 100% incorrect.

    I enjoy the UI, the features, being able to test new features early; add suggestions and watch them being added to the platform - things are moving forward.
    (Zack, where is your RS3 wish list?!) I was waiting for the virtual reality (mixed reality) for windows 10 mobile, but that's only for Windows 10 PC.

    If I leave, I may not come back. I'd keep going on to build my on my new ecosystem; favorites, pictures, music, etc. The other devices will have more than I want or need, and they do work just as well. I will take the time to build familiarity with the new device. If I had to pick, I will go with iPhone.
    03-22-2017 01:23 PM
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