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  1. 12ColourPencils's Avatar
    Anyone has issue with build 10130 after last update to fix "flyout" menu?

    After installing the update, everything seems to stutter. Edge is stuck on freezing, spinning wheel, scroll a little, freezes again, spinning wheel, ...etc... Opening up another tab makes it perform even worse.

    Search on task bar is less responsive. Everything seems to be taking time to load. Was working so well before the last update.

    And I can't even provide feedback since Windows Feedback App is not responding for me since build 10130. Tried to fix it but can't. Now just hoping the next build will fix it.
    Last edited by 12ColourPencils; 06-10-2015 at 07:59 AM.
    06-09-2015 09:35 PM
  2. Nikhil Nambiar's Avatar
    I did fresh install for the 10130 build. Everything works fine till I actually enter my outlook id for better enabling Cortana. After this, the next time restart/start my PC, the start bar, along with apps likes the browser, cortana etc fails and the only option is open up applications via the task manager. Anyone else faces this issue? I have tried the install on a couple of occasion and everytime when I enter my credentials I face this issue. The only work around seems to be creating another which is a local account without the Microsoft credentials.
    06-10-2015 11:19 AM
  3. 12ColourPencils's Avatar
    I do not have those issues. I did add a new user (MS account). Then sign back in to my original MS account and Windows Feedback App is fixed. Also Edge is running smoother. And I deleted the extra user account. Seems fine now. People App still crashes though.
    06-16-2015 08:41 PM

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