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    Some info for everyone...

    Just got off the phone with Microsoft. They said that this option is not currently supported. In fact, they told me there was no way to even move the Onedrive directory. This was the big selling point for buying a tablet with limited storage.
    07-31-2015 12:48 PM
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    Not really true. Let's say your SD card is on Drive D. You create a folder on your normal Drive C called "OneDrive Data" or something. Then you mount your Drive D into the OneDrive Data folder on Drive C (Bing how to do this). This will create a shortcut looking icon on your C Drive. Then you can set your OneDrive folder to your SD card using that shortcut icon. It fools Windows 10 into thinking the SD card is just a regular folder on your hard drive as the path will show up as C:\OneDrive Data\OneDrive. The data actually will live in D:\ and your OneDrive folder with the cloud icon will show up there.

    But only use the C pathway for OneDrive. For example, when setting up Libraries, let's say your Music Library folders, if you want to include OneDrive\Music in your Library, use the D:\OneDrive\Music pathway and NOT the C:\OneDrive Data\OneDrive\Music pathway. I think the Groove app doesn't like the mounted drive pathway.

    Oh, and I think your SD card needs to be in NTFS format or something...
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    07-31-2015 06:16 PM

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