1. Akhil G Vithura's Avatar
    Hello guyzz pls help me... I used my pc to play musics from my old phone via BT... but now I bought a new lumia.. I can't connect it to my pc, connection losses after 2 seconds... But I can transfer files... Please help me

    Phone os- windows phone 8.1 denim

    pc- Windows 10 pro
    09-24-2015 04:57 AM
  2. Pete's Avatar
    Please don't cross-post the same question to multiple sections of the forum. Ask once in the most relevant section and wait for responses.

    Thank you.
    09-24-2015 05:00 AM
  3. Akhil G Vithura's Avatar
    sorry pete
    09-27-2015 10:40 AM

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