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    tl;dr: solved! :)


    I've got an old 1020 connected to my stereo to serve as a Pandora box (I see what I did there), and I've got a cheapo mini bluetooth keyboard to control it. Works great, the keyboard even has 'next/prev track' buttons and volume buttons.

    One thing I'm missing: I'd like to be able to unlock the phone remotely, but I can't figure out how to bring up the keypad using the BT keyboard. I can get the lock screen to show, so it does leave the glance screen, but then typing numbers doesn't do anything.

    Once I manually open the keypad (swipe up on screen) I can type the PIN on the bluetooth keyboard to unlock. Is there a keyboard shortcut to bring up the PIN pad?

    Solved: the BT keyboard has a 'left mouse' and a trackpad, holding mouse and swiping the trackpad reveals the keypad. Didn't work at first, not sure what changed, but I'm happy again.

    Next up: is there a keyboard shortcut for 'thumbs up' in Pandora? I've pressed just about every combo.
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