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    I want to stream from a DVD drive on one PC ("A") to another desktop (PC "B"), across our home network. I can only get this to work under unique conditions. I have followed various online instructions for setting this up: the DVD drive is shared, read only, and streaming is enabled. Each PC is connected to the same GbE switch. Video DVD's can be played on PC A, using its local DVD drive, just fine. I can access individual text and photo files on PC A's DVD drive from PC B just fine.

    DVD Video Problems:

    Using VLC Media Player on PC B, I can stream from the DVD drive on PC A only if the same DVD disc has been momentarily played on PC A, as if the DVD drive needed to be locally initialized. Under this specific condition, streaming across our network works fine.

    However, if I replace the DVD with another and select it for viewing on PC B, the DVD drive emits an endless mechanical chattering sound and VLC Media Player indicates nothing. The seeking activity on the PC A DVD drive often does not stop with stopping and exiting VLC Media Player on PC B, and the disc seeking activity resumes even after the disc has been removed and replaced. It often takes a restart of PC A to return its DVD drive to normal operation.

    What am I doing wrong? Is VLC Media Player an unsuitable application? Do I need to purchase a more commercial DVD viewing application for PC B? Is it even possible to stream reliably from PC A to PC B?

    CD Audio problems

    Audio CD's can be locally played with ease on PC A using either Windows Media Player, or VLC Media Player. However, audio CD's in the PC A drive cannot be played on PC B across the network using either Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player. Regardless of which media player is used, a popup indicates an undefined error when I attempt to do so.

    What are my problems? I want to acquire a laptop without a DVD drive with which I want to (among other things, of course), stream video from the desktop DVD drive. However, I want to make sure that this configuration will work first, and so far, no success.

    Any advice is appreciated.
    01-16-2017 08:08 PM

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