1. Zero 76's Avatar
    I once switched to windows xp from windows 10.... And while a clean install of xp I deleted system reserved partition along with C drive ... Now when I clean installed windows 10 again, the system reserved partition isn't created and whenever the computer boots up .. it keeps asking me to choose os as windows 10 or earlier version of windows ... I even tried clean installing windows 7 but I get the same result ... I also tried the solution Where we edit the msconfig file but.. i didn't see another window listed there ...Any suggestions w/o loosing data stored on other partitions ??... Thanx in advance 😊
    04-23-2018 01:16 PM
  2. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Yes. To clean install, boot with your install media and go through the options to get to the command prompt. Then run 'Diskpart'. Then select the CORRECT disk (be sure it is the correct one, type 'list disk' first before typing 'select disk #' and choose the disk number based on size). Then type 'clean' which will immediately wipe the drive's partition table. Then reboot with your install media and install the OS to the drive concerned. This is how you should do it every time. Always clear up with Diskpart as the first part of the process.
    04-23-2018 04:50 PM
  3. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Ah, not losing data on the other partitions. Right, you must back those up first to a different drive. Best to use an external drive for your backups. If the data doesn't matter enough to you to have a backup anyway, you can safely erase it so there is no problem.

    You really need to do this as Win10 ought to be running on a GPT partition on a modern UEFI computer. Windows install will handle all this automatically if you wipe the drive properly first.
    04-23-2018 04:51 PM

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