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  1. ibbyj's Avatar
    I was actually sent the link to upgrade my pc yesterday evening, so I did.

    It kind of killed my pc...for now. :/

    I no longer have WiFi access, and my PC's touchscreen is not recognized as an input device.

    I downloaded appropriate drivers (well, Win7 appropriate) from the Gateway website, and it didn't make any difference.

    I called and was on the phone with customer service/IT for about an hour. Escalated to management, and they literally told me that they just didn't have a fix for now.

    They took my email and phone number so they could inform me when they had the appropriate drivers. (Doubt that'll happen.)

    Also, even though I chose to keep my files... all programs and files were erased. :(

    Not really happy.

    FYI my PC model is : Gateway AIO, ZX Series, ZX6971


    It looks like since posting this they have updated drivers on their website.

    I will inform you if these fix my problems when I get home this afternoon.


    I have installed the updated drivers and have restored my wireless network connection, but the touchscreen is still non-functional.
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  2. Nataku4ca's Avatar
    the joy of waiting for drivers eh?
    10-26-2012 06:50 PM