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    So, there I was, washing some dishes when I heard the familiar "device unplugged" sound all of the sudden. I went to see what happened, but couldnt find anything with a quick glance.

    Later on I wanted to play music from my TVs speakers and found out that GASP! My TV is no longer listed in the list of audio outputs. So I tried everything from unplugging the TV to testing with other devices and the audio on the TV works, the HDMI cable works, the TV works normally with other devices through HDMI. Also reinstalled my graphics cards drivers.

    Still nothing. I guess it can't be anything else than something weird with Windows 8 or then my GPUs HDMI port broke halfway. I can still see the video, but my computer will not find the TV as an audio output anymore no matter what I try to do. It also worked for several days perfectly, so I guess that would rule out Windows 8 too and just point the finger at my GPU.

    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: Sadly I dont have any other display devices with HDMI so I could test if it's the GPUs port being wonky. I'll try to get that tested too and if found faulty, I'll take it back for warranty when I get my Surface (in case I wont get a new one, at least I have something to use/do :D). Oh, and for the record, I have an Sapphire HD7850 2GB OC
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