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    Hey WPCentral,

    My name is Robert, a Windows Phone and 8 Developer! I present to you: Coder!

    Let's see some images....I know you want to:

    Want to Support Coder in the Stack Overflow Apptivate.ms contest?
    I am planning to remake Coder in HTML5 and JS, so it can be used both on Windows 8 and the Web. I also am considering making it open-source if I see the opportunity fit.

    Do you want to see this app win and have a Stack OverFlow Account?
    1. Go to Semi-Finalists - Apptivate.MS and Log In.
    2. Go to Semi-Finalist apps in the Work group - Apptivate.MS, Scroll down to Coder, and press Vote As Top 3.
    3. Thanks :D

    Download Link, and full overview:

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