1. Maximus21jr's Avatar
    Hey everyone! So I went yesterday and picked up the beautiful samsung focus S! The phone is awesome I love it. Its fast, screen is lovely and mango makes it even better! My only gripe right now is this idiotically frustrating error I keep getting. In the email+accounts settings, under my windows live account it tells me "attention required" and when I tap in it keeps saying up top "incorrect password please retry." Its not a pop up message it just says it up top. The issue is, I know the password in putting in is correct! How? Because I can in to everything associated with my windows live account on my PC with no problems! Its just on the phone that when I put in the password it'll look like its syncing, but the inexplicably, it'll say "attention required" and when I tap into it it says my password is incorrect! One thing I noticed too is that the length of the password is different from what I put in when I tap in to see what "requires my attention"! As you could see I'm quite annoyed with this. Like I oddly could use Zune on the phone, use SkyDrive, but I can't sign into to chat in the messaging, get my email or sign in to twitter because you have to link it to your live ID. Strangely though Facebook updates work although it asked to be linked to my live ID but the Facebook chatting won't work. Ugh. Another week of this and ill just return the phone and get an iPhone 4S. I'll pay the 35 buck restocking fee I don't care. I already have enough stress at work I don't need any more from a stinkin PHONE! lol you could tell I'm flustered lol but it's just extremely annoying. I love the phone and the OS but if it's partially broken, should I keep it?? Nope! If anyone knows of anything, ANYTHING I could do please HELP!!!
    11-07-2011 08:18 AM
  2. VernonEL's Avatar
    How old is the Windows Live account?

    A couple of years ago I set my daughter's account up, and then added parental controls. Later, when adding her account to my phone for calender purposes (For you WP seniors reading this, this was before Mango, so I couldn't view multiple calenders.) I was unable to do everything with it. Even after removing the parental controls it was a bit goofed up.

    My suggestion? If you do not use your Windows Live email for much, I would just create a new account and reset the phone. I'm sure you have put alot of time into setting it up, but I can bet that it will be worth it to reset it, considering the likely length of ownership. Remember that the first email you log in with is the one that basically runs the phone. It could be worth the extra effort.

    Please post back to let us know how it is progressing. We want to give you every reason to stay with *this* "S" device! ;)
    11-07-2011 10:25 AM