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    Hey guys I just wanted to share with you the great news that LG did in fact get the update! However I had to use the forcing update method (using the internet cable pulling out at the right moment). I was with Telus in Canada and although I have an awesome HTC 8X, this is great news since I'm giving it to a cousin of mine in another country :).

    What I noticed:

    Scrolling speeds are almost equivalent to my 8X, which is quite impressive since it was rlly slow at 7.5 and the Zune back ground is beautiful... It doesn't change once u play the artist.

    However, there are a few gripes... When you press the live tiles it takes awhile for them to open... Slower than usual (a bit slower than wp8) because of the animation in the beginning. Manageable but ye not amazing. The Zune thing is awesome as well, but I had to constantly open up the now playing list to change the background, quite annoying. And no notification at the wallpaper is kinda annoying but my notifications are usually at the top of my start screen so wtv. Keyboard doesn't light up according to your theme as well... And that's about it. It looks friggen nice, but my main annoyance is how slow it opens sometimes :/ maybe it's just cuz of my hardware and cuz it's old but ye.
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