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    Good evening, everyone:

    Wanted to inquire about the drop down menus that were not optimized for touch interfaces on WP8.0 (the menu immediately disappeared after finger was lifted off) to compare to IE 11 in WP8.1 - the new IE11 seems to handle these a lot better. For instance, sites as Walmart.com have their menus stay put for a few seconds to make a click. Being hyperlinked themselves, simply clicking the drop down menu will take you to the next page - but holding right before context menu appears seems to let the options pop and stay for a moment. Sites like discover.com, where titles of menus are not themselves hyperlinked, stay on the screen after a normal finger tap. However, when you go to Home Depot (homedepot.com), where the menus are hyperlinked (and seem more sensitive than Walmart), it is still impossible to have the expanded menu stay put without activating the main hyperlink that takes you to the next page.

    - Does anyone know if IE 11 is finally designed to handle the desktop drop down menus that simulate mouse hover?

    - Is there a specific trick to keep the sub-menu open without activating the hyperlink in the menu's title? Specifically for sites like homedepot.com

    So glad that menus seem to work as they used to in WP7. Having these completely broken in WP8.0 completely managed to disrupt productivity.
    04-16-2014 11:13 PM

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