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    I've just bought a Lumia 920 (switched from Omnia 7) and as far as I've used it (about 10 days), I've started to have some concerns:

    My phone came with Yandex search as default (thanks to my country being Turkey) and I want my Bing back. I went to settings, changed my search provider to Bing, and removed the Yandex app that came. However, now when I hit the search button, Internet Explorer opens and opens Bing in a browser window. In my Omnia 7, when I hit the Search button, I was taken to a built-in app screen where I could search without waiting to open in a crappy browser window that doesn't even scale correctly, and I also had Bing Vision and music search buttons. How can I get back this functionalities?

    Also, I could select a social network for quick sharing in Windows Phone 7. I had that set to Facebook and when I took a picture I could immediately upload it to Facebook. Now, I need to select share and select Facebook from there. It's not a life-changer, but it's a step backwards. Is the functionality that I've mentioned removed, or it's me who can't find where to set it.

    Besides those two, when I'm trying to download apps from the marketplace, it takes forever to start download and actually to download the app. It waits at the modal waiting screen (just after you hit the install, before you are taken to the phone's app list) for about thirty seconds, sometimes even failing with the error "We can't connect to marketplace right now, please try again layer." Also, apps that are even under 1 MB take minutes to download, if they don't fail at all. In my Omnia 7 the process was smooth and fast. I haven't changed my ISP nor carrier, and every other internet-based process such as downloading stuff is fast, the problem is only with marketplace.

    Is anyone having the same issue[s]?
    11-30-2012 04:49 PM

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