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    Here are some of the games that I spent money on and cannot re-download, it seems that some are just bugged but some are... scam?
    I played all these 5 games in the past months on my HTC 8S, they run without any problem, now I cannot reinstall them for different reasons (image attached), I paid for all of them.

    Little Acorns: minimum system requirements problem, I cannot see it on market but it is there
    Bejeweled live: minimum system requirements problem, I cannot see it on market but it is there
    Angry Birds: app is no longer published (I see they made another green bar version and I need to pay for it), same message for the WP7 version
    Doodle Jump: App is no longer published, same message for the WP7 version
    Fruit ninja: wp version not supported, also they made another version I need to pay for (green bar) and a free version without achievements, probably this version will work only on WP7, and it was restricted to wp8.

    All these 5 games are "xbox live" versions, white top bar, not green.
    I contacted WP8 live chat, after 45minutes of chatting the representative could not help me and told me to ask the developers
    Asking the developers: I contacted PopCap about the Bejeweled live, and they told me it's the Marketplace problem and I need to contact them
    I am running in circles. Nobody gives a damn thing around here? We are spending money on the device, we are spending money on games, and they don't care about us, they just play ball. I spent exactly 15euros on those apps (some got cheaper later but you can see the dates in the attached image), but it's not only about the money, they just don't care about their costumers, they care only about selling and selling and selling, customer support is at the ground... The only good thing is that we can find users here who cares about other people's problems.

    PS: the attached image contains only parts of the purchase history, there are a few other games tagged as trial, all other paid items are fine.
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    Fruit Ninja - Half brick published the WP8 version of the game as another app, my hunch is they are pulling all the WP 7.x apps..

    However I think you should try what john20122 suggested here and try for a refund: http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...ml#post2067712
    08-05-2013 04:49 PM

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