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  1. Christian Schubert's Avatar

    I'm owning the 8X for 2 weeks now and had 3 or 4 reboots. Today - without noticing it, while I was doing some stuff on my laptop - it went completely off. The device was fully loaded over night and off the charger for maybe an hour. So now it's not going to boot after pressing power. I've tried several usual button combinations to make a soft or even a hard reset but nothing seems to work. Is any one out there with a hint for me or is it just bricked?

    Thanks in advance!

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    11-28-2012 10:10 AM
  2. lzicc's Avatar
    This happened to me. Hold the power button and the down on the volume button at the same time for about 15 seconds and it should turn back on.
    11-28-2012 12:21 PM
  3. Christian Schubert's Avatar
    Thanks for the hint, tried it few minutes ago but doesn't work here - I guess I've to swap the device.
    11-28-2012 01:02 PM
  4. olivercorb's Avatar
    My lumia 800 does this when it thinks it's out of battery - try plugging it in while simultaneously tapping the power button. As in, more like you're unlocking the phone, than holding it down to turn on the power. For some reason this jumpstarts it! Don't know if it will work for the 8X but the depleted battery issue is a widespread problem for the 800
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    11-28-2012 06:12 PM
  5. jyabor91's Avatar
    Im in the same boat as you OP. My 4 DAY OLD verizon 8x just randomly shut off and will not turn on with the power/vol down combo. This is the second time today it shut off on me except the first time the power/vol down trick worked. Even plugging it in the phones notification light will not indicate that it is charging. Yet when i call myself, the phone rings like it normally would as if the phone is on. I hope there is a fix for this soon or some other trick/way around this. Coming from a droid DNA I wanna love wp8 but this is not helping lol
    11-28-2012 10:58 PM
  6. shinygerbil's Avatar
    So wait, when you ring yourself the phone actually rings, or you can just hear the ringing down the line but the phone doesn't respond?

    Have you tried using the Find My Phone website to connect to your phone? Might be an idea. If the phone is somehow on but the screen/etc are not enabled, it might be visible to Find My Phone. You may be able to remotely wipe/reset the device to get it working.
    11-29-2012 03:32 AM
  7. Christian Schubert's Avatar
    Today the dealer swapped my 8X without any problems - it really bricked out of nowhere. Lets see if number 2 last longer than two weeks.
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    11-29-2012 05:15 PM
  8. machina's Avatar
    I had a similar issue,
    here's how I fixed it (just in case it happens to someone else)

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    12-10-2012 11:05 AM
  9. Sandy McLeod's Avatar
    Thanks mate,
    i tried this on my new HTC 8x and it worked. Im a bit worried why this happened so early fter buying it on contract.
    12-11-2012 06:19 AM
  10. machina's Avatar
    it's probably just a bug.
    I hope HTC take notice and issue a firmware update soon.

    I thought my phone was bricked for good!
    12-11-2012 10:31 AM
  11. ljt1984's Avatar
    My First 8X died on me after just a day.

    The battery must have died overnight and it wouldn't switch back on no matter what. I tried charging it for a couple of hours, but even the charging l.e.d. wouldn't show or acknowledge a charger was present, so I tried a different charger and still nothing. No combinations of button presses or hard resets would work, was not impressed! But thankfully Phones4U swapped it without question and the replacement has been OK since, but I'm still dubious about letting the battery go completely dead now lol!
    12-11-2012 01:53 PM
  12. Jordan cosma's Avatar
    Thank you it worked
    12-11-2012 04:49 PM
  13. Robadan Reeder's Avatar
    Holding the power button and down volume key worked. Huge relief because second time this has happened and the first time I took it back and swapped it. Didn't want to go through the whole set-up process and glad it turned back on. Hope HTC and Windows fix soon. I still get random reboots too.
    12-12-2012 08:56 PM
  14. TallShip's Avatar
    I am also having this problem on my 8X from Verizon, more or less since day 1. Holding power and down volume (soft reset) works for me. Today I actually received a phone call while the screen was dark. I could not turn the screen on or answer the call. FWIW, my phone usually enters this state while in my pocket.

    Are we waiting for a software or firmware update, or does anyone know if replacing the phone is required to solve this problem? I know of three other people with this phone, who do not experience this problem.

    Verizon always says you must do a hard reset of the phone (welcome to hours of setting your phone back up and reloading apps, etc.). Then if you still have the problem they may replace your phone.

    12-13-2012 07:01 PM
  15. ukfool's Avatar
    My 8x stopped unexpectedly and no end of huffing and puffing and pressing buttons will bring it back to life. My provider is arranging collection and will send a replacement on reciept of the faulty one. HTC say its a failed phone.

    And my contacts backup only appears to have 1 number. AAAaaaaaargh

    12-21-2012 08:50 AM
  16. ny_yankees's Avatar
    My first 8x died out after 24 hours of purchasing, I ended up having to get a new one
    12-21-2012 02:04 PM
  17. RDevans67's Avatar
    currently on my second 8x and guess what? yeah it has done the same thing. of all the times to break it had to pick xmas...... tried the whole hard/soft resetting nothing is responding. LED charge indication light isnt glowing when plugged in, tried calling it from another phone.
    if my provider turns round and asks if i want a replacement i might just get my iphone back, had nothing but problems and grief since i got this now rather blue brick....
    12-24-2012 06:29 PM
  18. en939's Avatar
    I experienced this a couple of days ago. I fixed it by gently shake the phone on my hand a couple of times and then pressed the power button.
    12-24-2012 07:11 PM
  19. Sanchit Varma's Avatar
    My 8X also died on its own 7 days after buying it, no reset combination is working on it and its not getting charged. HTC has told me to get the phone exchanged and now I will get a new one tomorrow. Wonder why this is happening?
    12-25-2012 06:38 AM
  20. Ray Booysen's Avatar
    Just got a replacement for my 8X in the UK. Completely died, and Three.co.uk replaced it without any hassles. They do a full replacement within 28 days. Mine failed on day 27. ;)
    12-27-2012 10:19 AM
  21. ThirdC0astR's Avatar
    Add me to this 8X problem list. Got it from local ATT store at launch and 16 days later this problem appears. Took it into the store and they were able to wake it up "by plugging it into a different charger". I suspect the plug it in and tap power trick worked then. All good until 5 days ago did it again. Took it back to the store and they could not revive it, soft or hard reset. So now comes a harsh lesson in ATT warranty policy.
    At 16 days from purchase I was eligible for a new replacement (2 weeks from purchase according to the store but they spotted me the couple days). What I did not know was after two weeks I had to take a refurb replacement. Phone has not been out that long so refurbs not that old but now instead of having 1 year warranty I have a 90 day warranty. Not happy with ATT or HTC right now. Always been a Samsung fan but my Focus was acting up and eligible for the upgrade so I showed my support for the platform jumping in early. Have the refurb for 1 day now and so far its working good.

    I love this phone and its O/S but this problem has caused me to lose faith in HTC and doubting my decision. Based on the number of posts in this one forum topic its not an isolated issue.
    And the best part, I have been getting a "SQL Server not found" error trying to access HTC forums to voice my frustration there. I guess their admins on a holiday break. What a bunch of posers!
    12-27-2012 04:08 PM
  22. danwanna's Avatar
    Mine locked up while charging over night on my QI wireless charger. The charging LED stayed on no matter what I did and none of the button combinations worked to revive it. Verizon swapped out my phone without any issues but it worries me a bit because I travel so much and need a dependable phone. I might have to carry my RAZR Maxx as a backup device.
    12-27-2012 07:36 PM
  23. Ray Rogers's Avatar
    I had the same issue after about a week, put the phone down on the table, picked it up after a couple of hours and it was dead. :( Played around with it for a while, pushed the required buttons but still nothing. Took it back to the Bell store and they couldn't get it to work either, so they ordered me a new one.
    After about two weeks I got fed up with waiting and tried it again, nothing. So I decided to plug it into my computer ,USB, it sat for a while and then buzzed, hiccupped and started up. It's been running ever since then with no problems. Maybe it just needed the computer to send it a signal to wake up, I don't know?

    Still waiting for that replacement :(
    12-27-2012 09:26 PM
  24. jlangner's Avatar
    Same problem 2 days ago. Used till lunch. Set it down and picked up about an hr later..nothing. No buttons, pc, etc would revive. T-mobile next dayed a phone which should get today. When I get the new one can I just do a restore from a back up I did to get settings, apps back?
    12-28-2012 10:03 AM
  25. ThirdC0astR's Avatar
    When I turned on my replacement and logged in with my Microsoft account during phone setup it prompted me to restore from a backup or start new. I chose to start new since the backup was old.
    12-28-2012 03:30 PM
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