1. Peter Harvey's Avatar
    Over the years, phones have become bigger & bigger.
    Now we have reached the maximum limit!

    The 5" Lumia 930 is great to handle and use one handed, but even with the new more efficient 2014 Snapdragon 801 processor, my wife's new Samsung Galaxy S5 5.1" still has barely one day of battery life.

    Yet my 6" Lumia 1520 has fantastic two days plus battery life, but 6" is too hard to handle and operate one handed.

    I also note that my wife's new Galaxy S5 is too thin, and therefore hard to hold.

    The solution?
    Limit the standard phone size to 5", but make the phones slightly thicker & heavier.
    Eg don't try to make the 5" phones at 6 to 8 mm.
    Try 9 millimeters, or even 10 mm?
    Accept slightly more weight.
    Much easier to hold.
    While a 3400 mAH battery in the Lumia 1520 provides far more satisfactory 2 days battery life.

    We do know that my wife's Samsung Galaxy S5's 2800 mAH battery on the more efficient Snapdragon 801 processor still gives a poor barely one day battery life.

    Does this mean production of 6" Lumia 1300's & 1500's should stop?
    No way.
    Must still have 6" for tall people with big hands...
    08-26-2014 04:05 PM
  2. TechFreak1's Avatar
    We haven't yet, GDR1 supports 7" phones .. way too big for me.

    The secret sauce to a perfect phone?

    Have all the bells and whistle sold for next to nothing.

    However this is subjective as some like block phones, some curved like they say the "beauty is in the eye of beholder", personally the form of the 8x was just perfect,
    • a 1080p screen ips lcd (non pentile) so you don't have the issue with screen burn in's + all the nokia screen tech
    • 2gb ram
    • 801 chip
    • mSD
    • pureview camera @ 20mp + F/1.9 + zeiss 6(+) element wide angle lens + OIS + dng support
    • dedicated camera button
    • Nokia firmware + support
    • Qi 1.2
    • 8 mp wide angle front facing camera (for those who love taking selfies - not me lol)
    • 2500 mAH battery
    • support for all LTE bands out of the box

    That would be a perfect device, and just make it bigger for people with larger hands and upgrade the SOC when a necessary.
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    08-26-2014 05:02 PM

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