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    I've been playing with all the features of Cyan/WP8.1 for some time and being quite happy of how my L920 feels so rejuvenated. I am in Mexico and the phone's language and region are set accordingly, so no Cortana.

    I wanted to try Cortana last week so change Langague and Region to english/US and was quite happy with this feature, my L920 felt more "powerful" than ever, although for me it was a little gimmicky/not-as-convinent in the sense that I had to talk to cortana in english rather than my native language. Anyway, every so often (about twice every 24hrs), the phone started reporting a SIM card error! and suspended any cellular communication. At first I thought that it may be an actual electrical (or mechanical alignment) problem with the SIM card and after three or four days I realized that this started when I changed my regional settings. I changed back to Spanish/Mex (Adios Cortana!) and for about three days the problem has been gone.

    Is this Normal? ... are the SIM cards themselves capable of being somehow region locked? or does anyone know if the SIM error was caused by the region setting?

    I do miss Cortana! ... but I can certainly wait until it is released for Latin America!
    09-22-2014 02:26 PM

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