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    I have the Lumia 950 with Windows 10 Mobile. In the last couple months I started noticing that people in my break-through list would call during quiet hours but they would remained blocked. I looked in to the list and found that most of the contacts were gone. So I added them in again and they keep automatically disappearing. I am not able to figure out any reason for this. Now I have come to a point of not using the "Quiet Hours" feature because there are certain calls that I get late and I need to get to them right away. Right now there are 2 contacts which seem to just stay in there and the rest are being thrown out, but I can't figure out why?

    More details below which may be useful;
    > OS Build - 10.0.14393.321
    > Firmware version - 01078.00053.16236.35005
    > Device - Lumia 950 Dual Sim (Canada)
    > MS People app - 10.0.11903.0
    > No preview or insider builds ever loaded on to this device

    Any help with this is really appreciated.
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    10-13-2016 02:00 AM
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    If you can recall, did this start happening about the time that your account was migrated to the new Outlook? That's when mine started happening a couple of weeks ago. I found a potential fix at this link but I had mixed results with it. If I turned off get to know me and cleared the Cortana data in the cloud, I was able to get at least one more person added back to the list that stayed on the list (however I think I may have enabled "get to know me again" before adding others which may have caused the mixed results). Give that link a try and see if that works.
    10-15-2016 11:02 AM
  3. ThePaladinTech's Avatar
    So this is one of many problems I seem to be having with my 950. Is this still a problem other users are having?
    03-13-2017 05:59 PM
  4. Jeff Merritt1's Avatar
    Yes. I've also had Outlook and Message issues. I have to restart my phone to get messages and emails. Horribly inconvenient.
    03-24-2017 12:25 AM

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