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    Hey Guys,

    My first post so bear with me and i'll try to make this easy to understand

    I have a Lumia 950xl with build 10.0.14393.321 and randomly last week the headphone jack stopped working with my Beats Tour 2. The headphone have been working since the release of the phone. I went into the Microsoft store in Toronto, Canada. the service employee tried different headphones and some worked. (JVC and apple) however trying the Beats Tour 2 on the phones in the store only worked for the Lumia 650 and not the 950/950xl. anyone have this happen or can help?

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    This isn't specific to Lumia, because I've not tried it with Lumia. However, with iPhones, that can happen sometimes. If you spray some compressed air in there, it can lossen lint that may have collected, and make them work. I have also swabbed the inside of the port, in addition to the headphone plug, with acohol to clean them, and that has worked as well.
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    How do you figure it isn't a Lumia thing?

    I have done every troubleshoot possible. Spayed compressed air, cleaned tips. soft reset, hard reset. While in the Microsoft store I tried various floor models (Lumia 650 - worked perfectly) (Lumia 950 and 950xl - did not work) the stores surface pro worked. The sales manager shrugged his shoulders and said there's nothing they could do. As well as my beats tour 2.0 also worked with an iPhone 6 and 6s. ALSO working with my Dell XPS desktop. Dana and the rest of the windows 10 mobile team/hardware department need to get on this. small things like this make me believe more and more Microsoft does NOT care for there mobile department. Terry and Panos USE to deliver such passion. it's pathetic now, and I use to be thee biggest windows 10 mobile fan boy. you couldn't shut me up in crowds. I was a walking salesman.
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