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    Hi all,

    The past few days my 1520 has taken a super long time to charge and last night I put it on the charger at 63% and woke up and it was at 42%. Battery saver shows 16% usage when plugged in but as soon as I unplug it drops to -2.5% so basically when I plug it in the drain on the battery is slightly faster than the charger. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    08-30-2014 06:40 AM
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    Hi Kevin

    What type of charger do you use?
    Try to charge with another charger.

    If your charger is ok, then you should try soft reset of your phone (Volume down+power button until device vibrate).
    If your problem persists, do a factory reset, then do 3-4 charging cycles from 10% to 100%.

    I hope this may help you.
    08-31-2014 02:40 PM

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