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    Good morning,
    I just got a Lumia 830 as a side phone to my Lumia 1520. I started the phone last night and logged in with my Microsoft account during the setup. The phone prompted me if I wanted to pull the settings from a backup I did last week from my Lumia 1520. I selected yes and overnight the setup completed on my Lumia 830.
    Everything seems to work out fine but I have a few questions.
    1. How do I keep the settings, Start screen layout, etc., the same between the two?
    2. Do I need to turn off the backup settings on my Lumia 830 and use the Lumia 1520 as the master layout?
    3. If I install an app on my Lumia 1520, will it show on my Lumia 830?
    4. On the Windows Phone website, how can I change the name of my phones? Because I used the backup from my Lumia 1520, now the name assigned to my Lumia 830 is Lumia 1520.
    Edit: I found out that the Windows Phone sync program for desktops can be used to change the phone's name. Simply plug your phone into your computer and open the program. The program will prompt you if you want to change the phone's name.

    Final, somewhat unrelated question,
    I left my Lumia 1520 on still and when I awoke to my alarm I have on it, the phone completely froze when I tried to turn the alarm off. The phone continued to repeat the alarm for 15 minutes before it registered the reset command. Could it be related due to the fact I had my Lumia 830 on? Additionally I had the Lumia 1520 run a settings backup before I went to sleep so I can have the latest layout on my Lumia 830 in the morning.

    Thank you for all the help. I look forward to reading all provided advice.

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    I had similar questions this week since I just got a new 830 as a side grade to my 920. See my post and comments here:
    New Lumia 830 on AT&T - How to activate and setup? Restore from Backup?

    1. I think you can go to Settings - Sync My Settings and select Theme and App Settings to On. Not sure if these need to be turned on for both devices but I'm guessing they do.

    2. Not sure but I also want to know about this.

    3. It should if you have Sync My Settings turned on for App Settings. Can someone confirm this?

    4. I am also seeing this issue but could not find a way on the Windows Phone website to change the name. I see Lumia 920 as my phone but right under that name shows Lumia 830. Then I see Lumia 920 again as an additional phone. I guess this is because of restoring using the 920 backup. Maybe I should have just started with a fresh install.
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