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    Hi, I'm going to buy Samsung Ativ Odyssey, but i doubt it will get Windows 10 update from Verizon. I heard that TP is the only way to get newer WIN if career decides not to update branded phone. So I want to ask, if somebody knows, if the Technical Preview will be once available for all devices to update Ativ Odyssey to Windows 10. Thanks
    07-16-2015 12:23 AM
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    It's a gamble.

    However, I think based on the recent past it is a good bet that some sort of Preview will continue after 10 goes official. Possibly even more stable as the former Preview for Developers ends on 8.1 and transitions to 10. Insider is never meant to be on a daily phone except for the most patient and adventurous. P4D is an entirely different beast and many have been running it daily with few issues for quite some time.

    If the Ativ Odyssey is your device; you are wise not to believe Vzw will bump you to 10. Bet on Microsoft helping out though. I think that is a minimal risk.
    07-16-2015 03:06 PM

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