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    I had to revert to an old Synaptics driver (Windows 7) to make it so I could turn off Tap Click permanently ( every time I tried setting and applying with the latest version, it would go back into default setting-Tap Click ON-after the computer was turned off or restarted. So, I removed from the programs Synaptics Touchpad v19.0.12.95 and deleted it's driver, then downloaded from the HP website my original Synaptics driver. This worked fine until an automatic Windows 10 update happened (it interpreted the old driver as an error-although it had fixed the problem I was experiencing and reinstalled the latest Windows 10 v19.0.12.95 AGAIN!).
    08-08-2015 03:36 AM
  2. heickelrrx's Avatar
    08-08-2015 03:42 AM

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